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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A tisket, a tasket, a Longaberger Basket

As promised, I am doing a Longaberger basket share.  Janet came Saturday and we have been busy sorting baskets and shopping for new furniture and bedding.  She made the comment as she was leaving, "How come I always leave here with a box of something?"   Good planning on my part:):)  For those of you who don't understand how many baskets I have, I am attaching a few pictures.  As explanation, I was a Longaberger consultant for about 10 years and they just accumulate!!!  If you would like a basket (or two), make a comment or send me an email with your address.  First come, first served:)

Sarah made the comment she didn't think she needed any.    Silly girl:)

"Hoarder????  What do you mean?

UPDATE:   BASKETS HAVE ALL BEEN ADOPTED.  Thanks to all - I'll have them shipped out soon.

Since my "Grand Adventure" is on hiatus, I decided to add a couple of new items to my blog (and I'll even update my profile soon).  "On the Nightstand" will be the books I am currently reading - and there is always one or more.  "Under the Needle" will be my current sewing project.


1.  1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips by Deepika Prakash  (sponsored by www.patternreview.com)  I actually have a tip published in this one but I haven't found it yet!

2.  The Rough Guide to Ireland.   Need to start preparing for my upcoming trip soon.

3.  Freedom, A Novel by Jonathan Franzen.  This is Oprah's Book Club's current selection.  I have found some of her selections I like and, some, well some just give me a headache!!!!!  The jury is still out on this one as I have barely started.  I have read so many books on my iTouch the last few months that I am finding this real book HEAVY!!!

Under the Needle:

I am hoping to sew something soon.  I actually plugged in my machine and repaired a shirt for Janet today!!!  The two things at the top of the list are a shirt for me from a Sewing Workshop pattern and some custom boxers for one of my favorite guys (my son) using a vintage pattern.


Peg said...

Whoa! When you said a lot of baskets, I had no clue! You really weren't kidding! You could open a store! ;-)

Walter said...

Put me down for some baskets....Yes, you do have your share....as for books, we have different tastes!! Just finished a great book about the Commanche Indians who were the orginal inhabitants of Texas....Empire of ths Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynn...was cool to read in the hill country because alot of the battles were within miles of my place there......

becki-c said...

How ever did you keep the cats from playing in them long enough to get the picture?!?

Doris W. in TN said...

OMG, so many baskets! I'll take one, or more, if you're hoping to find a new home for them.

Sarah said...

ok i think i changed my mind. i need ONE to put my plants in on the windowsill. please and thank you.

Barbara said...

Wow! I didn't know you still had that many baskets! No wonder you don't have any room. I think I have enough for now. If you have any books to pass along I might be interested.

nitacrow said...

my oh my, that is a lot of baskets....Not sure how you packed them, YOU are a good packer!!! lol

I would love a basket or two - i will pay for shipping. I remember when you sold them and went to a party or two at your home....such great memories....and great baskets.

i love you blog....i just love it!

Happy Readings Peggy....

Peggy L said...

GOING, GOING GONE!!!! Thanks to all who "adopted".