"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Fall!!!

Wow!  We had a cool front over the weekend and fall is here.  The weather is gorgeous - and the windows are open.  I love to sleep with the windows open.

Finally, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to unpacking.  It has taken me way longer than I expected but there are boxes to go through of things from my mother, grandmothers, mother-in-law, etc. that have been in storage for several years.  Also, my Longaberger baskets must have had fun in storage because they have multiplied big time.  There is a "Longaberger Share" event in the near future so stay tuned.   Last week I rented a small 5x5 storage unit - I kept telling anyone who would listen I needed a walk-in closet so the light bulb finally went off!  Makes a huge difference since there is  very little storage at my townhouse.

The YMCA here has great equipment and an indoor pool so I signed up and have started working out again.    Things are starting to look familiar and I can find my way around a little easier.  Since I have absolutely no sense of direction, that is a big step.

Cat update:  Both cats are doing fine.  Since Chessie's visit to the vet, she is a new woman - and eats constantly.
Sissy & Chessie - Not very cooperative:)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


As many of you know, I had a birthday this past week.  From now on I must say "early sixties and single". Doesn't quite have that "sixy and single" vibe but time marches on.  Like most people, when my birthday rolls around I tend to reflect on events of the past year and wonder what the future holds.

This past year started with four months of incredible lows and many tears.  The worst day of my life was the day my children were told of the pending divorce.   I knew how it would shock and upset them.  It is hard to hurt the people you love the most.  From that day forward, we worked on surviving this together as a family albeit a different one.  Doug and Leigh Anne suggested a sublet in California.  Combining that idea with my own plans to spend the summer in Alaska started an adventure of a life time.  While I waited for the divorce to be finalized, I had something exciting to plan and look forward to doing.   The five months I spent traveling included some incredible highs - spending time with my children, watching my son graduate from law school, meeting new friends and experiencing new places, rediscovering myself, and seeing so many beautiful sights in the good old USA.

Blogging is something I never thought I would do but it has been so much fun having my friends and family follow along.  Some of you have been my friends since elementary school which means over 50 years.  Is that scary, or what??  A lot of you have been my friends for many years and others just a short while but you are all important to me.  My brothers and sisters also helped on this journey - from listening to me rant, providing me with a place to live, watching my cats, helping me find a townhouse in TN, and even helping me move.  To quote a famous line from "The Blind Side", you had my back.

When I look to the future, I see good things  and happiness ahead.  Franklin, TN is a beautiful area and I think I will enjoy living here.  It would be wonderful to have visitors so I truly hope all of you will show up as promised.  Lots of fun stuff to do here.   Janet and Nick are close by, Doug and Leigh Anne are two hours away by plane, and Sarah is still hours and hours away!!!!  I am not sure we'll ever get her back "down south".  I have at least two more trips planned before the end of the year!!!  One to NYC in early December to see where Doug and Leigh Anne live and the Big Apple decorated for the holidays.  The last trip of the year will be to Ireland for two weeks with my good neighborhood/high school friend, Diana.

There is Joy!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

. . . it's a calling!!

Many years ago my friend, Peggy K (now in NC) gave me a coffee mug with the saying " Motherhood . . . it's a calling" on it.  I used it for years for my morning coffee.  At the time we lived in Sugar Land, TX and our children were babies and toddlers.  Fast forward a quarter of of century and motherhood is still a calling!!!

Some of the "calls" I had from my children on Tuesday included:

1.  Sarah called with a cooking question about the stuffed bell peppers she was making for dinner.  Of course, I remember a time when she would have been "grossed out" if I had fixed these for dinner.  I'll have to make some soon.  She eats all kinds of "green" things these days.

2.  Doug called to tell me the moving company had finally delivered their belongings to their apartment in NYC.  They had already been unpacking for several hours so I think he needed a break:)  I am jealous that when the boxes are emptied or they come across something they don't need, they just put it on the street and it disappears.  Someone who needs it takes it or it is removed with the trash.  I wish someone would come clear the boxes off my patio.

3.  Janet called because she had Nick's truck and was locked out.  She left the keys in the truck and just took the "clicker" with her when she went walking but it wasn't working and the door wouldn't open.  It was also getting dark so she walked home.   When she called the "emergency maintenance man" at her apartment complex he wouldn't open the apartment door without $25 cash.  Since her cash and ATM card were locked in the truck, she was in trouble.  Besides her mother told her never to get in a car with a stranger - he said he would take her to an ATM machine????  I was on my way to pick her up when she called to tell me her apartment manager gave her a key.  The next day (in daylight) she called AAA to unlock the door.

4.  Nick called me about 11:30 pm to unlock the front door for him.  The key to my townhouse was on the keyring that was locked in his truck in Huntsville.

It is nice to be needed (and called).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Nick and Janet
Sunday I drove the 90 miles to Huntsville, Alabama for the day.  I am still surprised that I live where there are actual hills!!  No flat land around here.   Janet, Nick and I went hiking at Monte Sano State Park which is located about 30 minutes from their apartment.  Janet has new hiking boots she needs to break in before their trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  She'll have camera in hand searching for a moose!
Rock climbing practice?

Janet and Nick even checked out the rock climbing possibilities.  I won't be joining them on any of those adventures but it is still hard for me to believe that Janet rock climbs.  The girly girl???  The first time one of her friends saw a picture of her rock climbing she thought it had been "photo shopped"!!!

All that was left for Janet's lunch.
 We had a picnic in the park provided by Janet - curry chicken salad sandwiches and grapes.  Yummy:)  

After we got back to their apartment and cleaned up, Janet made a blueberry pound cake for my early birthday celebration and together we made honey wheat bread.  Nick took over the kitchen to make a three course dinner.  We started with Oven Fried Green (red) Tomatoes and then had chicken fried chicken (oven), mashed potatoes and broccoli.   All of this "frying" was done in the oven, no real frying involved.  We topped off the meal with the blueberry pound cake and ice cream.

Birthday Dinner!

Janet and Nick gave me "Pioneer Woman Cooks" by Ree Drummond.  I love to read her blog.  A great day and a fun way to celebrate my birthday which is in the middle of the week this year.  It's not so hard to add another year when you are treated like a queen:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Days You Should Just Stay in Bed!!!


Today was one of those days.  There were several deliveries scheduled for today so I needed to be home.  One of my cats has been really sick the last few days.  She is 17-18 years old so I realize it may be time for her to "take her great journey" as my Mother used to say.    You really don't want to know the details but Nick is here and volunteered to go to the vet with me.  The ancient cat carrier was tossed last week so I made a Target run to pick up a new one.  I am a wimp and started crying before I even paid for the thing.  The vet visit was postponed for a day.

In progress!
One of the sewing tables I ordered was delivered today.  The instructions were daunting at first but once you get started it is not really hard.  The step I skipped was "check to make sure all pieces are included before assembling".  Whoops!  A major piece was left out and, of course, the service department closed about 15 minutes before I called.  Please just send me the piece and don't make me take apart what I have done!  Pretty please.

Today I ordered a bookshelf from Amazon and it has already shipped.  Expected delivery date is Oct. 6th!  Three weeks??????


Doesn't it sound like I deserve an evening being a couch potato and watching TV?  Nope!  The cable that was just installed Monday is out.  They should get in touch with me in the next 24-48 hours to schedule a service technician.  Maybe I can deduct three days off my bill.

Update on Thursday:  Cat spent the day at the vet having tests.  Final report in the next day or two but "she lives".  TV works again.  Table part is on its way.

Weekend Happenings

Janet & Nick
It was a busy weekend!  Janet and Nick were here for the weekend.  They were busy with errands and house shopping/looking/dreaming.  Doug and Leigh Anne flew back in Sunday afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous.  We went to a restaurant on the square in Franklin for pizza.
Doug & Leigh Anne

We topped that off with dessert at Sweet Cici's.  I'm afraid I may be on a first name basis there before long:)  It is a serve yourself frozen yogurt shop with an array of yummy toppings to choose from.  Funny, I zeroed in on similar shops in Berkeley and Juneau.

Doug, Leigh Anne, Janet Nick
Janet and Doug also made me an early birthday cake.  Leigh Anne led the singing!!!  I nixed the use of candles.  When you need more than one box of candles (and maybe two cakes to hold them all), it is time to stop.

Happy Birthday to Me!

We did squeeze in a visit to The Carter House and learned some civil war history.  I loved having such great company.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Company

Doug and Leigh Anne were finally "approved" for their apartment in New York City.  The final step was a face-to-face meeting with the Co-op Board.  Since their furniture/belongings won't arrive from California until September 15, they rented a car and drove to see me and help with the unpacking, etc. around the townhouse.  Unfortunately, Leigh Anne got a call along the way that her grandfather, Mack Brown, had passed away.  Plans changed and they flew to Houston Friday afternoon to be with her family and to attend the funeral.  They are returning Sunday afternoon and will be here until Tuesday when they head back to NYC.    Janet and Nick are also here.  Nick is now working several days a week in Nashville and stayed with me those nights.  Janet drove up Friday after work and will stay to see Doug and Leigh Anne.  We miss Sarah.

Doug & Leigh Anne taped this room for painting.

The unpacking is going s-l-o-w-l-y.  I need furniture for the sewing room so cannot unpack things in there just yet.  The living room is full of empty boxes that Janet and Nick are going to take back to Huntsville with them.  I am waiting for my new TV to be delivered.  They are late!!!!  I am scheduled to pick up some shelves but have to be there before 2:00 p.m.  Very iffy for today:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Kindness of "Almost" Strangers

One of the women I have been in email contact with through Pattern Review brought me lunch on Monday.   Thank you, Doris.  Such a nice gesture!!!    We had lots to talk about and she gave me some great information on the area.    Doris also invited me to her local quilt group, Cumberland Valley Quilters Association, which had their monthly meeting Tuesday morning.  I took a break from unpacking and went to the meeting.  Lots of fun - I met some people and got some great ideas.    That bright pink name tag means I am a new member!!!

The unpacking/organizing continues . . .

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Big Truck!!!
Whose stuff is all of this?
Janet and Nick worked on this room!
After a long 16 hour drive, Maynard and I made it to Franklin at dark-thirty Friday night.  We really wanted to get here during daylight hours but were held up in the Memphis area by a wreck on I-40.  Fortunately, not for 4 hours but long enough that it was dark before we got to Franklin.  My cats were perfect - no howling, etc which really surprised me.  As tiring as the move has been, things really fell into place and everyone showed up as scheduled.  The Penske truck was ready as promised, Patron movers showed up on time and packed everything, and Two Men & A Truck had it all unloaded first thing Saturday morning.   Janet and Nick arrived with lunch around noon and stayed to help unpack boxes.  With the four of us working, we made a good dent but there is still much to be done.  Maynard flew home Sunday afternoon after organizing my storage area that morning.  Janet and Nick helped me find a bed for the guest room and went home Sunday night.  I took a nap after everyone left:)  When I got up, it was all waiting for me.  No fairies had been to visit unfortunately.