"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Funky Finesse

Funky Finesse, my entry in the Pattern Review Mini-Wardrobe contest is finished!  Being involved in this contest was lots of fun and I love all my new pieces -especially the "finished" part.  There is always lots of "talk" and encouragement on the PR message board during the contest.  It's a great way to make internet sewing friends and everyone that finishes is a "winner".
Front - three fabrics used.

Back w/silk screening
My pieces included two pairs of pants.  My Marcy Tilton lantern pants sewed up quickly and I have worn them several times.  The Sewing Workshop Urban Pants were another story.  The problems with this pattern were all my own fault!  Even though I did a muslin, I just did a partial one and didn't realize how big these were on me.  After abandoning them for several days while I made the Liberty Shirt, I went back and did the necessary adjustments to "make it work".  Next time (and there will be a next time) I will go down a size or two.  The Liberty Shirt went together quickly and easily and I have already worn it to work.  My fun piece was the Marcy Tilton t-shirt.  I used a pack of Cool Combo fabrics that were on Marcy's site earlier this year and combined the fabrics and then silk-screened the shirt.  This is only the second time I have tried silk-screening and it is so much fun.  The silk-screening seems to meld the various fabrics into a unique piece  - or something:)

The contest requires a composite picture of the six outfits created with the four new pieces and one piece previously owned.  My previously owned piece is a white shirt I made about 1.5 years ago (before divorce).  It never got reviewed, but it is the Perfect Shirt from Petite Plus.  Since I live alone, I bought a tripod and took my own pictures.  Interesting to say the least!  Peggy W is responsible for that little venture.  The final requirement was a "composite" picture showing the six outfits.  Whew - had to figure out how to do that, too.  I probably could have sewn another garment in the time it took me to figure out all the technical stuff - and it would have been more fun!

I'm sure my sister, Ardell, is asleep or has quit reading by now.  When she was here, she told me she skipped the sewing posts:)  That's okay - that's how I feel about "teacher talk".

Spring has still not sprung around here.  It has been cold and rainy - the high today is in the low 50s!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sewing Studio - The Unveiling

When your sewing space takes over the master bedroom, you get to call it the Sewing Studio!  I love my new space and it has certainly sparked the sewing mojo.  After we got all the furniture moved, I spent the next week organizing and making "skirts" for the tables.  You can hide a lot of stuff under there!  What I have missed the most is having a cutting table.  I created this "design on a dime" version from one I saw online for $650.  Way out of my budget!!!  To make this one, I bought two cubicles from Home Depot (about $50 each) and Janet and I put them together.  (when I win the lottery I am never putting furniture together again).  They provide much needed storage.  Home Depot also suggested a material for the top and cut it for me ($30) with leftover pieces for shelving.  I bought the white cutting mat that Joanne's always has on sale for $40.  This table is so useful and will be easy to move when the time comes.  The top can really be any size but I had mine cut to fit the mat.  If I had been thinking, I could have had the leftover pieces cut to fit inside those middle cubicles (end to end) to add more stability and a shelf to stack stuff.  I still may do that.

Cutting Table
The machines and ironing board.
 I bought two office tables for my machines and put them in a "U" formation with the table I already had for my sewing machine.  Like many people who sew, I have a collection!  Besides my sewing machine, I have an embroidery machine, a serger and a coverstitch machine arranged in the work center.  At the other end of the room are my bookshelves from Ikea, my dressforms (one for me and one for Janet and LA), and other assorted supplies.  When you have been sewing as long as I have, you have stuff!!!

I really am enjoying this new Sewing Studio and it is a much better use of space.

More stuff - and that's the Rocketeer with the lamp on it.
Liberty Shirt
Progress is being made on my entry in the Mini-Wardrobe Contest at Pattern Review.  I enter the occasional contest for motivation and to chat with other entrants.  One pair of pants is finished; the other pair has some issues so are on the back burner for a few days;  and the Liberty Shirt is finished (its on my dressform in the picture).  That leaves one t-shirt to make and some creative designing to make the pants wearable.

In other news, my cell phone is broken!!!  Funny,  today is the first day I qualify for a new phone without additional charges.  After work today or this weekend, I'll go to AT&T and see my options.  I hope they can put my SIM card in another phone so I can recover my contact list.   I am one of "those" people who doesn't have them written down anywhere.

Where is spring?  It was gorgeous for a few days with things starting to bloom, etc. but last night it got down to 31 degrees.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Visitors!!

Janet, Nick, Ann, Me, Ardell

Late Saturday afternoon, March 12th, (I am way behind on my blogging) my sister, Ardell, and friend, Ann, from Houston arrived after a longer than expected road trip.   We spent the evening catching up, eating, etc. and Ann even performed some magic with my hair.  Sunday morning Janet and Nick drove up to have lunch with us at Puckett's and visit with Ardell and Ann.  I was pregnant with Janet and Sarah when Ann and I met!!!  Puckett's was delicious as always.

We enjoyed desserts!!!!

Sunday afternoon we walked around Franklin and did some site-seeing.  Before we went home, we stopped at Target so Ardell could get an iTouch.  We spent the rest of the evening teaching her how to play "Words with Friends" and snacking, talking, laughing, etc.  I didn't know Ann played Words so now I have two more people to play with.

Ann had to fly back to Houston at noon on Monday so we made a quick trip to The Factory in Franklin (shopping area in an old factory that used to make stoves).  It was a first time visit for me, too.

Lunch at the Loveless:)
After dropping Ann off, Ardell and I went to the Puffy Muffin for lunch.  Great fun and she liked it so much we went back later in the week.   During the week we made the round of restaurants - besides Puckett's and Puffy Muffin, we went to Merridee's, The Loveless Cafe, and Sweet Cici's.  Time to diet!!!  Other activities included going to see "The King's Speech", a tour of Belle Meade Plantation, a drive to Lieper's Fork and the Natchez Trace, and a quick stop at The Quilters Square to see where I am working.  Ardell left early Friday morning to drive back to Houston.  This was her last spring break - she is retiring from teaching.

Belle Meade Plantation
I told you I moved to TN!!!  Leiper's Fork

Monday, March 7, 2011

PSD (Perfect Sewing Day)

This past weekend was a great weekend for sewing!  Not one but two perfect sewing days.  The weather was rainy and cold and I didn't leave home on Saturday.  Sunday I did get out and about.

Saturday morning I was up super early and finished the binding on the quilt Barbara made for Amy.   My friend Cathy at The Dancing Bobbin did the quilting on her long-arm.   Next up were two pillowcases to coordinate.  This was the first time I had used my embroidery machine in months and it was fun to get it set up and going again.  These items were shipped back to Texas today so Barbara and Amy should have them by the end of the week.

Macy Giggles by Izzy & Ivy
Back with big covered buttons.
Next on my list was a little girl's sundress from "Izzy and Ivy Designs" to be used as a shop sample at Quilting Squares.  When we make samples, we follow the patterns exactly so our customers will know what to expect.  I had a few questions on the construction and sent an email with my questions (after consulting with some of my sewing buds).  The owner was so sweet and called me back within an hour on Saturday afternoon.  Excellent service!!!  These patterns are designed for beginner sewers and busy moms so some of the construction methods are different than I would normally use.  The dress turned our really sweet!  It has been years since I made a child's dress.

Pattern Review is having a "Mini-Wardrobe" contest which I have entered. It consists of making four garments and adding one additional garment you already own to make six different outfits.  Robyn did a story board for me since I was clueless on how to even get started.  It turned out great and is entitled "Funky Finesse".  These patterns are fun and a little different.  I finished the Vogue pants, view C with some fabric I bought from Kashi in NYC last December.  The Sewing Workshop Urban pants are up next.

My new sewing space is working out beautifully.  Sunday afternoon I went to Joanne's to get some fabric to make skirts for the tables - you can hide a lot of stuff under there:)

On the Kindle:  "Though Not Dead: A Kate Shugat Mystery" by Dana Stabenow.  The librarian at the Houston Public Library got me hooked on these mysteries set in Alaska.  This is the latest in the series.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Bill and Amy
Peggy's Bed & Breakfast has had its first visitors!  My friends, Bill and Amy,  needed to be in Birmingham on Saturday. After their event there, they rented a car and made the 3-hour drive to Franklin.  Janet and Nick were also here to help me with the sewing room move.  Everyone was tired Saturday night so we stayed in and I cooked dinner.  It's been a long time since I cooked that type of meal for friends so it was great fun.

Sunday morning Bill took us all out to breakfast at the Loveless Cafe before Janet and Nick headed back to Huntsville.  We all ordered different things and there were no complaints.  The biscuits on our table disappeared pretty quickly!  We did not say no to refills.  Amy ordered the most unusual breakfast - pulled pork on pancakes with an egg on each side.  It was the breakfast that kept on giving.  She took the leftovers home and we snacked on the pulled pork later in the day.  I had the last of it for dinner Monday night.  Big portions!!!

Franklin Square
Bill had been to Franklin about 20 years ago but it has changed a lot since then.  We drove around the Brentwood/Franklin area to see if he remembered where he had been and to see all the changes.  The next stop was a walk around the Franklin square and coffee at Starbucks.

It was dark!!!
After a rest stop (and nap) at my place, we got dressed and hit the town.  Amy had done her research!  We went to a bar called "Patterson House" that has been written up and recommended by Southern Living.   They are known for their "classic cocktails".  After drinks and snacks, we headed to our next stop.  Amy noticed the "Bluebird Cafe" as we were driving by so we stopped and listened to music.  It was packed and we are cheap so we just stood outside.  The first performer was amazing.  I hope Bill and Amy can remember her name.

Monday morning I actually cooked breakfast before Amy and Bill left.  It was so much fun having them visit.  Bill just barely made his goal of being my first visitor.  My sister and friend, Ann, will be here March 12th.

Nick and Janet were a great help in the sewing room move.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures but it was hard work and deserves a post of its own - just as soon as I get the room  cleaned up:)