"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back to Tennesee!

Renaldo's RV Park
I'm back in Tennessee! After the birthday activities, I packed up and headed back to Tennessee and am planning to be here until sometime in mid-April or so with a couple of side trips.  I am staying at the Renaldo RV Park - in reality behind the house of good friends, Cathy and Ted Renaldo.  Excellent service - Ted even backed up for me:)  How many people do you know with full hook-ups in their backyard??    I'm hoping to help Cathy a couple of days a week in her quilt shop and do some of the cooking to earn my keep.

This was a two-day trip towing the Casita.  I spent the night at Roosevelt State Park about 30 miles east of Jackson, MS.  It was just a couple miles off the interstate so that worked really well.

It's winter in Tennessee!!  Its been cold at night but beautiful during the day.   Cold weather and rain are predicted for next week.  Of course, all my winter clothes are out of reach in storage.  Obviously, I did not plan on this lifestyle when I packed:)  The reality is I don't have much room for any more clothes so I'll make do - and winter will be over in a month:)

Best spot in the park:)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Grandson!!

The Birthday Boy with his Mom & Dad
Cousins Lily & Holly with Christie
(their mom) and Nana
I spent two weeks in the Houston Heights parked in my son's driveway again - great accommodations:)  Caden's first birthday was February 19th and this Gram wanted to be there for all the festivities.  Doug and Leigh Anne hosted a birthday bash for him the Saturday before his birthday.  It was also the first time many of their family and friends saw their new house.  A fun day!

Grandma and Papa with their favorite little guy!
(Leigh Anne's Parents)

Sitting in his new chair reading his
truck book.

Leigh Anne had lots of things to do leading up to the big day, so I got lots of one on one time with the little guy.  He is at that stage where he walks half the time but crawling is still faster.  And, he is fast - way fast!  Lots of fun to spend time with him.  I will admit to being exhausted a few times - one day was even a two grandma day:)

Leigh Anne and her cousin, Shelley.
Shelley made Caden's cute cake and
ALL  the  cupcakes.  Great job!!!

The Chance Siblings - Walter, Maynard,
me and Ardell (Barbara was sick
and couldn't be there)

The day after - he didn't want to have anything
to do with his cake the day of the party!  Too many people

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Casita Mods

When I left Florida, I headed to East Texas via Jackson, MS.  I spent two nights at Lefleur's Bluff State Park.  Nice little park overlooking a lake.  There was nothing I really wanted to see in Jackson, so I spent the day cleaning the Casita and doing some other chores.

Shot taking while I was walking around the
Sunday morning I packed up and drove to Tyler State Park for two nights.  There is a trend here!  Setting up, etc. is a lot of work for one night.  It hasn't taken me long to figure out it is much easier to stay two nights. Monday I spent a day in Tyler getting a mani, pedi and all that fun stuff:)  A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!!

Larry working on my Casita.
Tuesday morning I headed to Little House Customs to have some mods done on the Casita.  Since I am living in it full time, it will make it a little easier and more comfortable.  The big deal is a receiver hitch on the back so I can use a bike rack.  Putting my bike in and out of my car is doable - but not fun! It also takes up a lot of space I could use for other things.  Larry is also "remodeling" the  bathroom, adding a thermostat. etc., etc.  I'm also getting some lessons on how to do stuff:)  It was great fun meeting Larry and Debbie as well as another Casita owner, Mel, who lives close by.

Next stop:  Houston for Caden's FIRST Birthday!!!  He is such a cute, happy little guy.  He has both sides of the family wrapped around his little finger!
My favorite little guy.  Is that a
happy face or what???

There's Something About the Beach!

Sunset my first night.
Growing up on the Gulf Coast and spending lots of time in Galveston, there is just something about the beach.  It is good for the soul!   I reserved a spot at Henderson Beach State Park from Saturday, January 26th through Friday, February 1st.  Pure bliss!

Windy and rough water!
The first couple of days the weather was beautiful but then turned cold and rainy.  One day it was just plain scary but I have my emergency plan worked out - get a hotel room!!!  I didn't have to do that but I did watch the weather closely all day.  The wind was really blowing and the red flags (danger) were flying.

Each day I enjoyed long walks along the beach; rode my bike one afternoon; ate lots of seafood (boiled shrimp and fresh oysters!); and did major damage at the mall one rainy afternoon.  I think I am a throwback to my gender - I just don't like to shop!!!  Didn't seem to have much trouble this day, though.

Oysters on the Half-Shell
I watched them shuck these - and
they came from Galveston, TX!
Portugese Man of War I saw on the
beach - I can remember getting
stung by these when I was a kid!
Not fun!!!

Ardell joined me for one night on her way back to Houston.  We ate at "The Back Porch" a seafood restaurant that Peg and Dave recommended.  It turns out our little brother and several other friends had also eaten there.  I had the Grouper Destin - grilled grouper with shrimp.  No complaints!!!

Sunset the night before I left.

Orlando, Disney and Other Fun Stuff

In Orlando, Ardell and I picked up Ann Hughes Nolen at the airport.  (she grew up across the street from us in Glenbrook Valley and she and I were childhood playmates).  That was the start of a fun week!
Token Mickey Shot

We sat around the pool drinking mojitos and catching up on all the news since we saw each other last. Ann had just gotten engaged so that was a main topic of conversation.  I'll be going to her wedding in Dallas in June.
It's A Small World

Monday, our first full day in Orlando, we headed over to Disney World.  When we planned this trip, the MLK Holiday never entered our mind.  Needless to say, Disney was super crowded but we managed to get some fun rides in and see the sights.  I still love It's A Small World:)  Of course, you can't get the tune out of your head the rest of the day!

Giraffe - Safari Ride at Animal
Kingdom (we did this early and
saw lots of animals)
Tuesday we headed to the Animal Kingdom for a couple of hours and spent the rest of the day at Epcot.  Epcot was by far my favorite.  Not near as crowded and we rode some fun rides (without a long wait) and strolled around until evening.

Karla and I
Wednesday we headed to Cocoa Beach and ate seafood on the coast.  Lots of fun!  Our last day together we shopped and looked at wedding dresses, etc:) before taking Ann to the airport.

Ardell, Ann & I at Cocoa Beach
Ardell was starting her 65th Birthday Celebration on the 24th with a bike ride with Senior Cycling.  I hung around and stayed an extra day so I could meet a friend - finally!

Karla Kizer and I have been emailing each other for about 10 years.  She is another friend I made on Pattern Review.  Turns out she is about three weeks older than me and my girls are about three weeks older than her daughter.  We have shared many stories and worked together in our quest to duplicate Express pants for Laura and Janet.  It was so fun getting to meet her "in real life".  Too bad we live so far apart!

After dinner with the Senior Cycling crew, I headed to the beach for a week.