"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Visitors!!

Janet, Nick, Ann, Me, Ardell

Late Saturday afternoon, March 12th, (I am way behind on my blogging) my sister, Ardell, and friend, Ann, from Houston arrived after a longer than expected road trip.   We spent the evening catching up, eating, etc. and Ann even performed some magic with my hair.  Sunday morning Janet and Nick drove up to have lunch with us at Puckett's and visit with Ardell and Ann.  I was pregnant with Janet and Sarah when Ann and I met!!!  Puckett's was delicious as always.

We enjoyed desserts!!!!

Sunday afternoon we walked around Franklin and did some site-seeing.  Before we went home, we stopped at Target so Ardell could get an iTouch.  We spent the rest of the evening teaching her how to play "Words with Friends" and snacking, talking, laughing, etc.  I didn't know Ann played Words so now I have two more people to play with.

Ann had to fly back to Houston at noon on Monday so we made a quick trip to The Factory in Franklin (shopping area in an old factory that used to make stoves).  It was a first time visit for me, too.

Lunch at the Loveless:)
After dropping Ann off, Ardell and I went to the Puffy Muffin for lunch.  Great fun and she liked it so much we went back later in the week.   During the week we made the round of restaurants - besides Puckett's and Puffy Muffin, we went to Merridee's, The Loveless Cafe, and Sweet Cici's.  Time to diet!!!  Other activities included going to see "The King's Speech", a tour of Belle Meade Plantation, a drive to Lieper's Fork and the Natchez Trace, and a quick stop at The Quilters Square to see where I am working.  Ardell left early Friday morning to drive back to Houston.  This was her last spring break - she is retiring from teaching.

Belle Meade Plantation
I told you I moved to TN!!!  Leiper's Fork


ardell said...

OK Sissy I owe you one...I see a picture that could have been left out :) :)

Sarah said...

may 14th? seems like you're ahead, not behind. looks like ya'll had fun!!

Peggy L said...

Sarah - fixed! You know I meant March. At least it was an "m" month:)

PeggyK in NC said...

I see the Loveless Motel had no vacancies. Must be the fluffy towels & air conditioning.

Walter said...

The picture in the jolopy...Where's Uncle Jed, and why did you eat all them viddles??

nitacrow said...

My oh my! You stay so busy!!!!
Love your new blouse you made....So PURDY!!!!

Take care,....Love you - nita

Doris W. in TN said...

I'm getting hungry, just from reading about all the places y'all went. ;-)