"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wow!! Time to catch up!

It's been a long time!  Since I posted last, its been busy.  For the first time ever, I got to experience a computer "hard drive crash".  No fun!  Fortunately, I had backed up recently so while it was a pain I didn't lose much information.  My Mac is 3.5 years old and this was my first ever problem so I won't complain.  My previous computer didn't even last this long.  Yes, I am one of those "Mac" converts!!

Sewing news  - I have been busy in my studio!  So far this month, I have made several items with more on the cutting table.

Spa Wraps
  1. Marcy Tilton Vogue pants - revisited this pattern.  These are finished but were not my most successful with this pattern.  My fabric was a little too stiff for the style.
  2. Apron - this was fun to make.  It is on display at The Quilting Squares right now and will then be Janet's.   
  3. Spa Wraps - my niece, Amy, graduates from high school next week and these are for some of her friends.
  4. Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress - This is another shop sample.  So sweet!!!  I have two more of their patterns I am working on.
  5. Hemming - Not my favorite project but it was for my daughter!  So she has four pairs of pants she can wear.
  6. Started a new knitting project - super simple scarf with some gorgeous yarn.
In other news, I have a new ride!!!  A Cannondale hybrid bike (and helmet) are now in my possession.  If it ever stops raining around here, I'll start riding more.  There is a park with a bicycle path that is a good place to ride.   I went there and rode 6 miles the other day.  Too dangerous to ride in Franklin - all roads lead to Sweet CeeCee's (local frozen yogurt shop).

And, I also have a new "do".  After letting my hair grow longer, I finally admitted that it wasn't working for me so . . . it is short, short, short!!!  This happened in two stages.  The first cut was really cute - it reminded me of how I wore my hair for a while in high school.  Ardell even wanted to know if I still had my hot pants!  But it drove me crazy hanging in my face so chop! chop! chop!!!  It is now super short and I love it!!!!

Stage One - Cute style but it hung in my face:)

Short! Short! Short!!!
(I will update this with pictures when I find my camera.  Honestly, I had it yesterday!!!)  Found - and I am too embarrassed to tell you where it was:)


Anonymous said...

Dying to see your hair!! Can't wait for the pictures.

doris. said...

Can't wait to see your new haircut! I had just sent you an email before checking in here....What a bummer about your laptop crashing.

doris. said...

Well, that was me but I wasn't signed in under my Doris W. in TN persona. ~sigh~

Donna said...

Hey, Girl!! You have so much going on in your life! Lots of wonderful projects, a great job, your new bike, and a spiffy haircut! I am happy for you!

sarah said...

pics of the hair!! please.

Leigh Anne said...

I just looked at your sewing pics on pattern review... and they are INSPIRING! Is the Rocketteer doing these with you? The Apron is so DAR-LIng! And then all the embroidery stuff for Emma, I thought you were getting ready for a granddaughter till I read the caption. It is good you are getting practice w/ that name, because that's what we are going to name our little girl (no she's not 9 months away;)... ). I love how you've made your clothes too! Thanks for your post! Will talk to you soon :). & If you don't have your camera, iphone pic post a picture of your Haircut-Haircut;)!

Doris W. in TN said...

I like your new haircut. :-D I'll be able to recognize you at quilt guild next week. LOL It's going to be very comfortable in this heat, too.

PeggyK in NC said...

Very nice hair cut and very flattering, too. I like it a lot, you look so cute!