"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Monday, May 28, 2012

Snow in Yellowstone

Road to Cody, WY -Sylvan Pass was closed.  This is right across
the street front he store.
On Sunday, I woke up to a winter wonderland.  We have had a lot of snow the last few days.  I started work late on Sunday so walked over to the Visitor Center to get my parking permit and took some pictures.  Most of this was melted by late afternoon but roads throughout Yellowstone were closed off and on throughout the weekend.

Behind the dorm

From Fishing Bridge - awesome in person!
After my walk, I worked a split shift from 11:30-3:15 and then from 5:45-9:30.  Monday will be my day off.  The store is very short on cashiers so we are all working an extra day while they get some more trained.


Peggy said...

Brrrrr! Somebody needs to tell Mother Nature it's almost June! :) Gorgeous pics!

Donna said...

I was surprised to see a post on here from you already! And such beautiful pictures! Snow in May doesn't thrill me - but neither does the heat we are having here in Virginia!

Jilly Be said...

Gosh, have I ever been out of touch - you're working in YELLOWSTONE??? Way cool! And inspirational :)

Hope you have a fabulous summer there - I visited frequently in my Montana days, so I have very fond memories :)

Doris W. in TN said...

I love the "from Fishing Bridge" photo!