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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Casita Mods

When I left Florida, I headed to East Texas via Jackson, MS.  I spent two nights at Lefleur's Bluff State Park.  Nice little park overlooking a lake.  There was nothing I really wanted to see in Jackson, so I spent the day cleaning the Casita and doing some other chores.

Shot taking while I was walking around the
Sunday morning I packed up and drove to Tyler State Park for two nights.  There is a trend here!  Setting up, etc. is a lot of work for one night.  It hasn't taken me long to figure out it is much easier to stay two nights. Monday I spent a day in Tyler getting a mani, pedi and all that fun stuff:)  A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!!

Larry working on my Casita.
Tuesday morning I headed to Little House Customs to have some mods done on the Casita.  Since I am living in it full time, it will make it a little easier and more comfortable.  The big deal is a receiver hitch on the back so I can use a bike rack.  Putting my bike in and out of my car is doable - but not fun! It also takes up a lot of space I could use for other things.  Larry is also "remodeling" the  bathroom, adding a thermostat. etc., etc.  I'm also getting some lessons on how to do stuff:)  It was great fun meeting Larry and Debbie as well as another Casita owner, Mel, who lives close by.

Next stop:  Houston for Caden's FIRST Birthday!!!  He is such a cute, happy little guy.  He has both sides of the family wrapped around his little finger!
My favorite little guy.  Is that a
happy face or what???

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