"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, May 29, 2014

. . . on the road again!!! Destination: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Note:  Several family members and friends have asked me to update my blog.  Over the next few weeks, I'll go back and update!  Lots of things have happened - the best being the birth of two grand daughters!!!  Janet and Nick had their first baby, Hannah Grace, in December.  Doug and Leigh Anne made Caden a big brother with the birth of Emily Clare in March. They've kept me busy and are, of course, the cutest little girls ever!!!
On the road again!!
May 16th I left Houston to start a new adventure.  With Casita in tow, I headed for Keystone, South Dakota to work at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.   Its about a 1300 mile drive from Houston, so I spent two nights in RV parks along the way and arrived in Keystone on May 18th.  All I have to say is its a long, long drive across Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska with many stops for gas.   Fortunately, I love audible books and listened to "South of Broad" by Pat Conroy on the journey.  I had read this book years ago but loved listening to it.  Great book.

I was met at the RV park by several of the residents - John even offered to back the Casita into my spot.  You know what I said to that offer!!!!   This is a small RV park for employees of Xanterra - all working at Mount Rushmore for the summer.  Xanterra provides shuttle service to the Monument so you don't have to drive unless you want.   John's wife, Sherry, works in HR and brought me the rest of my employment papers to fill out before I checked in on Monday.

Pretty Impressive View!
Monday morning I drove up to the Monument to check-in, have a quick tour of the facilities, and then headed into Rapid City to pick up a few things for "home sweet home".   After spending a couple of hours getting organized, I headed out for a walk around Keystone.  Many of the stores are still closed but are getting ready to open for the tourist season-my guess it will be wall to wall people before long.

Hanging with the big guys this summer!
Orientation was scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday with my first day of "real" work on Thursday.  All went well!  I'll be working in the main gift shop as a cashier.  Very similar job to what I did at Yellowstone National Park.  Thursday my hours were 1:45 - 10:00 p.m. - late hours for this early bird!!
Home Sweet Home!!

The weather had been cloudy and rainy since I've been here - until Thursday.  Gloomy!  I was so glad to see the sun and enjoyed my morning before heading to work the late shift.  Actually did laundry, took a walk and did some chores around the Casita.

Even though there is no room for guests in the Casita, there is room to pitch a tent behind it - so come visit!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie, about time this was updated! Better get yourself an EZ up--it is going to get warm, plus will help keep that frig cooler, but nice spot! Do the wagon wheel tour-so many directions to go and see amazing things! How strange, there almost a year ago at this time!
Keep posting--Joan

becki-c said...

So good to hear from you again! It will be hard to be away from those cute babies this summer, they are getting so big!
It look gray, is it summer up there yet?
Thank you for staying in touch.

Peggy L said...

Joan - had an EZ Up - hated it!! I think I'll get a scree room.

Becki - its been raining a lot!! I've had my heater on every morning since I've been here. Warms up during the day, though. And, yes, I'll miss my grand children.