"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The GRAND CANYON!!! (Sunday)

Note: I have pictures posted on my Flickr site: Adventures 2010

It was about an hour drive to the Grand Canyon bright and early this morning - my favorite time of day! I was in awe from the moment I first saw the Grand Canyon - yes, it is GRAND!!! Just beautiful and no words do it justice. The walk along the Rim Trail from Mather Point to Trailview Point was incredible. This trail is paved the whole way and I walked about six miles round trip. When I got to the trail that had a sign posted "crampons recommended" I turned back. Funny, I actually bought crampons when I was in Alaska in January for the steep, icy walks around Sarah's but left them there. Not that I would have gone on this trail but that is my excuse!!:) Six hours was way too short a visit and you could visit many times and not see everything. Next stop was the IMAX Theater for the film on the Grand Canyon.

Early in the afternoon found me headed to Kingman, AZ for a tour of the Route 66 museum. Fun place and a great break from driving.

Next up was Hoover Dam. I didn't stop here as it was getting late and I saw it on an earlier trip. Stopped in Las Vegas for the night.

Miles Driven: 425
Wildlife Sightings: Coyote (no pic) and Elk in the Grand Canyon
Bucket List: Grand Canyon - check!!!
Souvenir: "Grand Canyon Women" by Betty Leavengood


lclark459 said...

My previous post didn't transmit so here I go again: Las Vegas?!! Isn't that outta the waaayyy? This trip is gonna last a week. Girl, have fun. I'm certainly having fun following you. Hugs, Linda

becki-c said...

You stopped in Vagas for the night, and what you talked about is The Grand CAnyon! You are my kind of traveler! Love the pictures, you should be a professional ;-)

ardell siegel said...

Sissy, you are making this working girl JEALOUS!!! Sounds like a great time! I like your writing style...is this another talent you have been keeping secret?

Peggy said...

That IS a great picture of the GC!! You have a great eye!