"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Leg to California - Monday, March 29

I had thoughts of going to Death Valley National Park today but decided to pass this trip. For some reason I didn't sleep well and was tired (the Diet Coke at 9 p.m.???) so decided to head to Doug and Leigh Anne's. It was an easy drive and I arrived just before 5 p.m. with the help of my OnStar Navigator!! Love it - I actually planned my route on MapQuest, sent it to my Onstar Account and then downloaded it when I got in the car. Amazing!!!!
Doug fixed a wonderful dinner of salmon, fresh squash and asparagus - yummy! He did not turn down my offer to do the dishes:)

Today's Mileage: 571

Trip Stats:

Total Mileage: 2168 (approximately)
Average Speed: 60.1


Anonymous said...

You are wonderful! I love reading your updates. I think of you often. PeggyK in NC

Anonymous said...

I had to go back several days and read of your journey. I truly didn't know you were following along on your blog. Duh!! I should have checked to see. Anyway, I love all your posts thus far and love seeing the sites through your eyes and words.

I so admire your spirit of adventure in heading out across the country on your solo trip; it certainly sounds like you are taking advantage of every opportunity on your trip. My hat's off to you. A wee bit of envy is creeping up as I read of your westward journey.

Karen in TN

becki-c said...

Isn't Onstar cool! I have to get me one of those!

How far are is your place from theirs?

Sarah said...

hope he cooked wild alaskan salmon

Peggy L said...

Becki - about 2 miles

Sarah - of course:)