"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, November 14, 2010

These boots are made for walking!

Janet and Nick's college friend, Lynsey, flew to Nashville on Thursday to spend a long weekend with them.  They spent a couple of nights in downtown Nashville to "party"!!  Sunday morning I met them to go "boot shopping".  They found a boot place and needed one more person to get in on the great "deal".  As it turns out, Janet couldn't find anything she liked, but Lynsey and I scored.    It took me a move to Tennessee to get western boots for the first time.  After spending fifty something  many years in Texas, I had never had a pair of cowboy boots!!!  Since only two of us bought, we settled for 50% off each and were happy!

While downtown, we ran into Elvis.  He lives but has moved to Nashville:)  Amazing the things you see.

After exploring for a bit, we headed to a well-known Nashville cafe for lunch. The Loveless Cafe is famous for its biscuits and fried chicken as well as other southern specialties - like fried green tomatoes.  The motel rooms have been converted into shops and we had plenty of time to browse before we ate.  The wait to eat was a little over an hour.

Making biscuits!!

Carol Faye Ellis who became famous for making the biscuits died recently but her spirit lives on.  She made biscuits for/with Oprah, Ellen, Conan O'Brian and Paula Deen.  We ate our fair share.

After eating, we headed home on the Natchez Trace.  I was surprised how close the Loveless Cafe is to me.  It will definitely be on the tour for any visitors who want some Southern home cooking.

Showing off our new boots!
Leaf View on the Trace - I put my camera on the ground
for this shot.


Ardell said...

Sign me up for the Loveless! I hope you gave Elvis a hug for me....looks like fun.

Doris W. in TN said...

An hour wait at Loveless is pretty normal. :-0 The biscuits are good, too.

becki-c said...

i remember Loveless! It really is worth the wait.

You didn't need boots in Texas, they just like them. Just wait until there is snow on the groud, you will pull out the boots.

I don't feel so bad, I haven't bought a pair since I moved to texas, havent' needed them.

Peg said...

The boots look terrific! Very nice! Loveless sounds like a yummy place! But I have to say...Elvis doesn't look too healthy! ;>)

Barbara said...

I agree with Ardell. Loveless sounds like a good place to visit. I like the top you are wearing.

nitacrow said...

Peggy, you are so very brave. See, i have NO talent like you...SEWING - goodness, you are so great at sewing and have such creative ideas. So happy you are meeting friends. I still am AMAZED WITH YOU....and I LOVE your blog.

Loveless sounds so darn good. MMMMMMM GOOD.....

Glad you got boots. What do they look like? post close up picture. I wear boots daily to work etc.....they are so comfortable for me. So glad Nick and Janet get to come so often to see you and hang with...that is awesome.

and I am very proud of Sarah....She can do it! and lastly, your baby......tears of joy girl. I am so proud of him and i loved his First Day of Work...! What a handsome man he is.

sorry this is so long. Am praying for your Sister Barbara. I would like on the Caring Bridge site. I have two other friends on that same website.