"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilting Squares - Grand Opening

Kay, Jodi Barrows, Kathy
The Quilting Squares moved into a new location right before I started working.  The new location is quilt shop perfection - bigger and brighter with lots of free parking, etc. not to mention the great fabric.  This past weekend was the Grand Opening celebration.  Jodi Barrows, founder of the "Square in a Square" technique presented a program and inspired us all.  It was great fun!
Jodi showing her new "Pony Express Quilt"

Kay and Kathy who own The Quilting Squares are both certified teachers.  Monday morning I took my first class to learn this technique.  As Jodi refers to it, I caught the "quilt pox virus".   It's going to be fun learning these new to me techniques.

Class time.

In other news, following an absolutely gorgeous weekend we are faced with this today.  Honestly, I left hurricane country for this????  Scary stuff as it moves in and I am just waiting for the tornado sirens to go off.  When that happens you are supposed to get in your "safe spot".  Right  -  like my townhouse has one:):)   And off they go!!!!  Sissy and I hid in the downstairs bathroom until the sirens went off.   Scarier than a hurricane because you don't have much warning.  Fortunately, it passed through quickly but it left lots of damage in the Middle TN area.


doris. said...

I hope you survived the storm without damage. Local tv news channel web sites have photos, quite a few in Franklin . Power went out at our house, but was on when I got home from work. My (computer)printer is dead (wah!), but everything else is okay.

Donna said...

Oh, my! That is scary! But the quilting sounds wonderful!

becki-c said...

So scary! Did you lose power for very long? I hope you are OK, those storms can be really bad.
The quilt store sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see more pictures.