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Monday, July 23, 2012

Virginia City and Nevada City, MT

Drygoods store in Virginia City
Earthquake Lake
On a recent day off, I headed through the park into Montana to see the old "ghost towns" of Virginia City and Nevada City.  This was a day long adventure through an area changed by a massive earthquake in the 1950s.  I made a quick stop at the museum about the earthquake on the way.  Virginia City has many old buildings that are original to the town.  You can look in some of the doors and windows and see stores exactly like they were years ago. My favorites were the dry goods stores with the fabrics, ribbons and notions on display.   One ladies' shop in Virginia City is exactly the same as the day it was closed.  Nevada City is a few miles away.  Even though the buildings have been moved in from other locations, it has been set up like a town would have been in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Driving back to Fishing Bridge through the park, I stopped at sites I hadn't seen yet and took all sorts of little side rodes.  Great fun!!!

License plate:  "GoGrandma"  I like it!!!
YNP; Walked around and saw
the activity.
Another female moose!!  Saw her
on my way through the park.  A
tourist got to close trying to take a picture
and scared her off.
Internet connection continues to be a problem.  There are days I can't get on to post or get booted off constantly.  Very frustrating!!!  Cell phone service is a five mile drive down the road.

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Peggy said...

Great post! Another friend of ours from NY suggested we visit Virginia City. They found it as interesting as you did. See you soon! :)