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Friday, July 6, 2012


Heart Mountain
The last few weeks I have explored the Yellowstone area on my days off.  One day trip was to see the Heart Mountain Japanese Relocation Camp between Cody and Powell, WY.  This was one of the camps the Japanese Americans were sent to during WWII.  Several years ago I read a book about this camp but didn't realize it was so close until some friends were talking about it.  Very interesting - hard to imagine being sent here in the dead of winter.  Desolate!

Grand Tetons
Jackson Hole, WY was my next destination.  I have two groups of friends that will be staying in Jackson Hole so went to check it out.  Very nice:)  It is a little over two hours from Fishing Bridge and is a beautiful drive.  My first stop was for some good coffee and fast internet:)  Very definitely a tourist town but there is lots to do - biking, rafting, horseback riding, etc., etc.  I'll spend more time there in the next few weeks.
The barstools are saddles!!

The Northeast Entrance was the only entrance to Yellowstone that I had not seen so I remedied that.  I drove through the Lamar Valley and out the Northeast Entrance with stops at Tower Fall and Roosevelt along the way.  Tower and Roosevelt both have historical lodges/buildings I wanted to see.   There are two very small towns near the northeast entrance but I didn't see anyplace I wanted to stop.  The Lamar Valley is known for animals sightings.  I was there during the middle of the day so missed out.

Lamar Valley
Elk - saw this guy on the way back from
Jackson Hole 
We have about a dozen new workers from Taiwan so the dorms are full, we are working less hours, and it is almost impossible to get on the internet!!!  One decided to see how her bear spray worked and shot some off in the dorm one night.  Not good:)

FYI:  Photos should enlarge if you click on them.  There is a link to the Heart Mountain site if you click on it.

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Peggy said...

Really looking forward to seeing that beautiful scenery (and you!) ourselves! Was the book about the Japanese interment camps, "Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet"? I loved that book!