"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, June 6, 2014

A day at work . . .

Nick and Carolyn Clifford.  At 93, he
autographs his books each day
in the gift shop and is
the last survivor of the workers
at Mt. Rushmore
Several of my friends have asked me why I am doing a seasonal job and what exactly I do.  The "why" question is a little harder to answer.  Even though it is a paying job, that is not really a factor.  By the end of the summer if I "break even" I am happy.  There must be a little adventure in my soul that I inherited from my mother.  Spending four months in an area gives me time to see the sights, make new friends, and go hiking and biking.  I love to hike but I won't do it alone.   Whatever drives me to do this, I am having fun!

Gift Shop where I work.
The gift shop at Mt. Rushmore is busy!!!  There are about 3,000,000  (yes, three million!!) visitors to Mt. Rushmore each year.  That's a lot of people!!!  These first few weeks they have been moving us around to different areas so we'll learn the store and see what area we like best.  So far I have worked in the "bull pen" (eight registers in the center of the store that are always busy), gold (South Dakota is famous for its Black Hills Gold jewelry), the Gallery (more expensive gifts and silver jewelry), and the t-shirt department.  I have talked to people from all over the world - including a man from Staunton, VA that bought a truck from my cousin, Bruce Lamond,  and a woman from Lubbock, TX whose doctor is a friend of mine from high school days.  Sometimes it really is a small world!!

I am adding some pics of the complex, just so you can see how big it is!!!  Besides the gift shop where I work, Xanterra runs a large restaurant and ice cream shop.  The National Park Service has a museum, Sculptor's Studio, film, and bookstores.  There is a "Presidential Trail" that walks under the sculpture and gives you a different view - .75 mile but lots of steps!  There is also a large amphitheater for the lighting ceremony that is held each evening.

The Amphitheater from the Presidential
Trail - seats 3000
Always lots going on!!
Made in USA

The Gallery
Books, etc.

Close up of Lincoln from Presidential Trail

Sculptor's Studio


Eileensews said...

You are living my fantasy !
I love reading about your park jobs.

becki-c said...

Beautiful pictures!
A stupid thought comes to my mind. They should trim those trees, they block the view.