"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sitka, Alaska - part 1

Mimosas in disguise!
Sarah and I spent the weekend in Sitka, AK.  We took the "fast ferry" bright and early Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon.  It was plenty of time to see this small town.  Sarah and her friends know how to travel:)  Rosie got up really early and made mimosas for everyone - that just looks like orange juice in those bottles!  They also brought a huge sack of all kinds of snacks - fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, sandwiches, etc.  On the ride over the four of us (Sarah, Rosie, Nate and I)  played Phase 10.  I started out really well but fell by the wayside on the last phase.

As usual, it was nice just looking out the window on the ferry at the water, etc.  We saw several whales on the way over.  After I took a picture or two of the water, Sarah grabbed my camera and took a shot.  She actually got the whale in the picture.  This was a young whale that kept flipping his tail up and down.  Sarah said they do this to build up muscle.  Fun to watch!  We also saw a porpoise, seals, eagles,  ravens, and a brown bear on the beach during the round trip ferry ride (about 5 hours each way).

Once we got to Sitka and checked in to our B&B we played tourist and hit the town and shops.  First stop was the Russian Orthodox Church.  It was founded in 1837.  There were lots of historical information and gold colored icons inside.  Very elaborate.


After some shopping and wandering through some of the gift shops we saw some more of the town.  We even made Sarah get her picture taken with me and the bear:)  Doesn't she look thrilled?  We spent some time at "Totem Pole Park" but I'll do a separate blog on it.

Happy birthday Rosie!
Saturday night we celebrated Rosie's birthday by having an early dinner at the Channel Club Restaurant.  Definitely the best restaurant meal I have had since being in Alaska.  Prime rib and crab legs -the Alaskan version of "surf and turf".


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Sarah and THE BEAR, ESPECIALLY the look on Sarah's face. :o)) Reminds me of one I took of Bailey at the Smithsonian. He does NOT like being viewed as a tourist. :o))

I wish I could look out my window and see a WHALE. The most exciting thing I've seen so far is a four-eared bunny!

See ya,'

Janie said...

You girls really know how to pack a proper picnic! The mimosas made me smile. I'm truly in awe of all the wild creatures you're seeing in your excursions. I have no idea what the Phase 10 game is -- I guess I've missed out on some fun...!