"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Sun is Shining!

After a solid week of rain and clouds, Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day!  This was also the first day I did not need a jacket since I arrived.  The high today was 71!!!  Heat wave!
I took advantage of the weather and stayed outside all day.  First up was a walk across the Douglas Bridge with Karen (trainer).  After walking the Golden Gate, I decided I would be a "bridge walker".  The Douglas Bridge connects Juneau with Douglas Island and goes across the Gastineau Channel.  Even though it is not very long, the views from the middle are wonderful.   Here is one with a cruise ship arriving in Juneau.

Next up was a walk on the Brotherhood Bridge trail in the Mendenhall Valley.  I had been on this trail before but not this section of it.  An Alaskan wildflower, Fireweed, has started blooming and you can see these flowers everywhere.  The trail here is really pretty and a nice place to walk.  Karen and I spent close to an hour walking on the trails here before she needed to be back in Juneau for an appointment.   I stopped by Heritage Coffee to see Sarah, and she suggested a place for me to visit - the beach!!!  Yeah!!   That girl knows me well.   I spent the afternoon laying on the beach in the sunshine:)  Last week during all the rain I started reading the Stieg Larsson trilogy that starts with "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo".  Took me 50-60 pages to "get into" the book but Peg L kept telling me it was going to get better and to "stick with it".  I'm into it now and just started the last book in the series.   It did keep me busy during all the rainy days:)

Really a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute!!


Peg said...

Yea for sunshine! I sure wish we had your cooler temps though. As for the humidity -- I need to grow some gills so I can breathe water!

Great pics! The scenery is gorgeous and you look good too!

Glad you're enjoying the books! ;>)

becki-c said...

You are so funny, it warmed up and you still have on long sleeves!
The blue sky looks so much more beautiful after a long rain doesn't it. The view there is fabulous. It is good to see you standing on a bridge and smiling.

Donna said...

That fireweed has become my favorite flower ever since our trip to Alaska!