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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sitka, Alaska - part 2 Totem Pole Park


Saturday afternoon we went to the Sitka National Historical Park better known as  "Totem Pole Park".  After spending time in the visitor center and seeing the film, we wandered the trails of the park looking at the different totem poles.    Several of the original totem poles are on display in the visitor center to protect them from the weather and preserve them.   The totem poles we saw throughout the park are a mixture of original totems and reproductions.  As you came to each pole, you could dial a number on your cell phone to get its history.  Technology:)  We walked by most of the 15 or so totem poles in the park.   A bear was spotted in the park the day before we were here but we didn't see it.


Listening to the facts via cell phone!
Just the very top of a totem pole.

While we were at the park we could see and hear ravens and eagles. They are so common here but not something I see in Houston.

Sitka trivia:  Sitka was the location where the treaty between Russia and the United States was signed for the purchase of Alaska.  The United States paid about .02 an acre for the Alaskan Territory.  The Russians were very proud of the deal but in the US it became known as "Seward's Folly" for the outrageous amount the US paid.  Wonder what they think of that deal now?


Janie said...

I've always loved totem poles! You got some good pictures and it looks like a gorgeous park. Funny about that land deal. Sounds like poor Seward didn't get the appreciation he deserved!

Anonymous said...

Well, geez, not even a word about the movie Proposal putting Sitka in front of moviegoers. I love that movie and I cry every time I see it. Ok, ok I know this isn't about movies. It was really fun to see and read more about the town though. I can't say enough about the photography either. Peg, if it hadn't been for your blog, I wouldn't have seen just how beautiful Alaska is. Give Sarah a hug for me for relocating there. Can't wait to see you in Houston. Keep a time open for me on your calendar. The heat awaits you :) Hugs, Linda