"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Company

Doug and Leigh Anne were finally "approved" for their apartment in New York City.  The final step was a face-to-face meeting with the Co-op Board.  Since their furniture/belongings won't arrive from California until September 15, they rented a car and drove to see me and help with the unpacking, etc. around the townhouse.  Unfortunately, Leigh Anne got a call along the way that her grandfather, Mack Brown, had passed away.  Plans changed and they flew to Houston Friday afternoon to be with her family and to attend the funeral.  They are returning Sunday afternoon and will be here until Tuesday when they head back to NYC.    Janet and Nick are also here.  Nick is now working several days a week in Nashville and stayed with me those nights.  Janet drove up Friday after work and will stay to see Doug and Leigh Anne.  We miss Sarah.

Doug & Leigh Anne taped this room for painting.

The unpacking is going s-l-o-w-l-y.  I need furniture for the sewing room so cannot unpack things in there just yet.  The living room is full of empty boxes that Janet and Nick are going to take back to Huntsville with them.  I am waiting for my new TV to be delivered.  They are late!!!!  I am scheduled to pick up some shelves but have to be there before 2:00 p.m.  Very iffy for today:)


Peg said...

You're lucky to have lots of good help! Have fun!

Sarah said...


miss you guys too

Barbara said...

I'm sorry to hear about Leigh Ann's grandfather. I'm sure they will be glad to get into their condo in NYC and stay in one place for a while. Looks like you will be busy unpacking too for a while.