"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, September 23, 2010

. . . it's a calling!!

Many years ago my friend, Peggy K (now in NC) gave me a coffee mug with the saying " Motherhood . . . it's a calling" on it.  I used it for years for my morning coffee.  At the time we lived in Sugar Land, TX and our children were babies and toddlers.  Fast forward a quarter of of century and motherhood is still a calling!!!

Some of the "calls" I had from my children on Tuesday included:

1.  Sarah called with a cooking question about the stuffed bell peppers she was making for dinner.  Of course, I remember a time when she would have been "grossed out" if I had fixed these for dinner.  I'll have to make some soon.  She eats all kinds of "green" things these days.

2.  Doug called to tell me the moving company had finally delivered their belongings to their apartment in NYC.  They had already been unpacking for several hours so I think he needed a break:)  I am jealous that when the boxes are emptied or they come across something they don't need, they just put it on the street and it disappears.  Someone who needs it takes it or it is removed with the trash.  I wish someone would come clear the boxes off my patio.

3.  Janet called because she had Nick's truck and was locked out.  She left the keys in the truck and just took the "clicker" with her when she went walking but it wasn't working and the door wouldn't open.  It was also getting dark so she walked home.   When she called the "emergency maintenance man" at her apartment complex he wouldn't open the apartment door without $25 cash.  Since her cash and ATM card were locked in the truck, she was in trouble.  Besides her mother told her never to get in a car with a stranger - he said he would take her to an ATM machine????  I was on my way to pick her up when she called to tell me her apartment manager gave her a key.  The next day (in daylight) she called AAA to unlock the door.

4.  Nick called me about 11:30 pm to unlock the front door for him.  The key to my townhouse was on the keyring that was locked in his truck in Huntsville.

It is nice to be needed (and called).


Rhoto said...

It's nice to be CALLED ;)!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal

becki-c said...

You would worry if they didn't call!

Anonymous said...

Even older kids still need MOM! So glad you are getting settled in your new place, and it looks like the kids will FIND you no matter where you are!!! LOL! ~ Christa :-)

becki-c said...

Yes, you are never too old to call MOM! I still have your number, so watch out! I may call for sewing advise.

Sherry said...

Kids are our kids forever....and MOM is MOM forever...no greater feeling than to be called by your children and know you are loved!!!