"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lionberger Offspring Update

Its been a long time!!!  I have a sewing post I started weeks ago that I still haven't finished but my sewing mojo took a nose dive.  It is finally coming back so I'll update that post over the weekend.  My sister, Barbara, and her family came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  Great fun and I'll post details soon.  My bike training has been coming along.  The Katy Trail bike adventure starts in two weeks so the bike is at REI for a tune-up.  REI is having a big sale so I'm picking up all my last minute items - like a rack, panniers, gloves, etc.  Its getting serious!!

All three of my children have had exciting news over the last couple of months.  Since many of you know them, I thought I would do an "offspring update".


Janet and her husband, Nick, have bought their first home.  The building started several months ago and they signed the final papers and moved in two weeks ago.  The are officially in debt!!!  The house is beautiful - they did a great job of picking out all the stuff that goes into a new house.  I have been there a couple of times.  My jobs included putting in shelf paper and helping with some painting.  I did feel my age after the painting:)

They've got the keys!

Dining Room - Love this color.  For someone who never
painted before, she did a great job on those straight lines!

Janet painting the MBR - really pretty shade of grey
Moving In!

Janet and Nick are having an Open House in late September so you'll be seeing more pictures soon!


Sarah has a new job.  She has worked at Heritage Coffee the last several years but has changed brews.  Alaska Brewing Company is a great company to work for with great benefits - including free tasting!  Sarah started her new job there several months ago.  Amazingly, she gets up really early (as in 4:00 a.m.) to go to work.  She'll be learning all the different jobs as they move the employees around.
Sarah with one of the new brews!
Beware!  Student Driver on the Forklift!!


Doug and Leigh Anne have wonderful news.   Baby Lionberger is due mid-February!!!!!  We are all so happy and pleased for them.  This blessed event will make me a "Gram" for the first time.  Doug is also transferring back to Houston before the end of the year.  They hope to rent a house in the Heights area since his office will be downtown.  In preparation for the move, they have already bought a car.  They are in Manhatten so we'll be praying for them this weekend as Hurricane Irene hits NYC.  I know they both grew up in hurricane country but as the mother, I still get to worry.  

Leigh Anne and Doug with a picture of "Baby Lionberger"


Rhoto said...

WOW!! Lots of new adventures for your "children"!!
What a blessing they are in your life!
Very happy for you, Peggy
Greetings, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! How exciting for all of them! We enjoyed our trip to Tennessee - I wish I was still there. My sewing room is coming together. I copied you on most of it. I'll send you a picture when it's done.