"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Graukes come to Visit!

Graukes on the Natchez Trace-Barb's got hair!!!!
My sister, Barbara, and her family came to visit for a few days several weeks ago.  We got a lot of eating and visiting in during the week.   Barbara, Jim, Jay and Amy went to downtown Nashville on two different days (those teenagers mean a late start in the morning!) to see the Country Music Hall of Fame, Studio B, The Ryman, Crazy Horse Saloon, etc.
Barbara, Amy, Jim, Jay at the Loveless

Tuesday morning Barbara and I headed out early to have breakfast at Merridee's and then visit The Quilting Squares and Stitchers' Garden.   Barbara is the sister that also quilts and she has a new project to work on:)  When we met up with the rest of her crew, we headed out to the Natchez Trace and The Loveless Cafe for a late lunch.   That night we went to the Grand Ole Opry - great seats this time and we all had a great time.

Grand Ole Opry

Barbara & Amy at
The Puffy Muffin
One day we declared "ladies day" and Barbara, Amy and I went to the Puffy Muffin for breakfast and then out to "Fontenal", the former home of Barbara Mandrell.  It was fabulous!!!  Huge log cabin style home (17,000 sq ft or so) in a beautiful setting. It was fun seeing how the rich and famous live!
Dining Room at the Fontenel

With Jack!!
On Friday, we headed to the Jack Daniels' Distillery.  I think this was Jay's favorite place.  We toured the distillery, ate lunch in Lynchburg, and did some serious souvenir shopping.  Our next stop was Huntsville, AL.  We met Janet and Nick at their new house so they could show the family.  After we all had dinner, Barbara and her crew drove a few hours towards home so their drive on Saturday would be a little shorter.

It's always fun having visitors!!!


Rhoto said...

"It's always fun having visitors!!!" That's why lots of people come to visit you, eh, Peggy!! Not EVERYONE enjoys a change in their routine...
Hospitality is a wonderful gift <3
Warm greetings,

Anonymous said...

Congrats Granny Peg :) I am so happy for your family -- good news with everyone! "There IS Joy" Linda