"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, September 23, 2011

Biking the Katy Trail - Part 2

Lots of Lewis & Clark
historical sites.  We
nodded as we rode by.
Day 4:  Jefferson City to Herman.  After yesterday's hard ride, Ardell decided she would get Randy (shuttle driver and B&B owner) to take her back to Sedalia to pick up my car as an early birthday present for me.  I was not dumb enough to believe that excuse.   After a wonderful breakfast, Randy took Drue and I back to the trailhead and we headed out.  Of course, we had these big ideas on how we were going to knock today's 43 miles off pretty quickly.  Wrong again!  Our first rest break was at 3 miles:)  The headwind was a killer!!  We were lucky to be going 7-8 miles an hour.  Exhausting but by this point we were determined we were going to finish.  Stubborn?  Me???  Drue????  Ardell picked up my car, went sightseeing and bakery shopping (but not for Drue and I) and met us at a trailside restaurant for lunch.  Another great hamburger  was waiting for us when we rolled in!  Drue and I offloaded as much as we could from our panniers to the car and headed out for the rest of the day's ride.  Ardell picked us up at the trailhead and drove us to the B&B.  We were that tired!  We stayed at the Harbour House B&B in Herman.  Simon's Bar & Grill was a short walk away and we had an excellent dinner.  I even had prime rib for my early birthday dinner.  Jim and Linda (we met them the first day and saw them every day) were also there and we made plans for the celebratory drinks at the end of the ride.  Jim keeps telling us he is buying the martinis!!!  What's a girl to do?

Missouri River

Ardell & Drue
Day 5:  Herman to Augusta.    After a pretty pitiful breakfast at the B&B, we parked my car at the trailhead and started out again.  Today's ride was only 35 miles but once again there was a headwind.  Ardell was back on the trail with us.  We ran into Jim, Linda, Andrew, and Sara around lunch time.  Jim and Linda kept riding but the rest of us headed to the trailside cafe for burgers.  Fun time!  Before we were finished, we were joined by Kyle.  Andrew and Sara had shared a camping spot with him the night before.   Great guy so we adopted him,  too.
Lunch time!

 Another group of bikers were also there refueling for the afternoon.  We had quite a few rest breaks in the afternoon simply because we were running out of steam - and the dreaded headwind.  All afternoon, the different groups would pass each other on the trail.  We rolled into Augusta around 4:00 to find our great B&B was at the TOP of a hill.  All three of us hopped off our bikes and walked:)  Our b&b was an old log cabin and our favorite of the trip.  We walked across the street to the Ashley Rose for a great dinner and bottle of Missouri wine.  Andrew, Sara, and Kyle as well as the other group from lunch all arrived before we finished.    The owners of the B&B were going to light a fire for us in the outside fire ring but we were too tired:)  We hit the sack about 8:00 p.m.

Loved this B&B in Augusta!  Would love to go back for a few days.


Anonymous said...

I so admire you for doing this!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed with all of you for doing this trip. I know it was hard work but it looks like fun too! I would have never made it through the first day!