"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, August 3, 2012

More Adventures - and Visitors!!!

Beartooth Mountains
The last several weeks have been super busy and great fun!  Unfortunately, the internet connection is so slow or non-existent that it is hard to keep up with the blog.

At the entrance to YNP with Rose
The Beartooth Pass is a gorgeous drive over the Beartooth Mountains to Red Lodge, MT.  Roger (a co-worker) drover Rosie and I over one day because we were a littler nervous about driving on all the switchbacks.  It was gorgeous!  We had lunch in Red Lodge and drove back to the park through Cody.

With Ann and Nancy in the Grand Tetons.
Hiking in the Tetons
Two of my childhood playmates from Glenbrook Valley days, Ann and Nancy, came to visit.  They rented a condo in Jackson Hole for a week.  After visiting me in Fishing Bridge, they explored the park on their own.  I met them for a busy three days in Jackson Hole.  We went to the Western Art Museum,   white water rafting on the Snake River, hiking in the Grand Tetons (saw two gorgeous bull moose), Rosie met us for a float trip down the Snake River and dinner, and then a day exploring Jackson Hole and lunch at the Teton Village.  Busy and fun catching up on old times.

Rose and I got a kick out of these two
 - hiking with a parasol:)
Moose in the Tetons
Rosie and I spent our next days off wandering around the Tetons.  Third time is a charm!  Rosie and I booked a horse back ride at Canyon Village a couple of weeks ago but it was cancelled due to rain.  Next time another co-worker joined us but about the time we were ready to mount our horses, it was cancelled again.  A buffalo was on the trail and they were having problems.  Rosie and I rebooked that afternoon and finally went riding.  I even bought my first hat - splurged on a Stetson - the real deal.

Rose and I getting ready to ride.  Check out that Stetson!
Today I am in Cody (with internet) and am going to the Buffalo Bill Museum.  Sunday one of my sewing buddies, Peggy, and her husband, Dave, are coming to the park for several days.  Next weekend I am headed to Durango, CO for the wedding of one of Doug's best friends.  I am hoping to get some babysitting time in with Caden.


becki-c said...

You look so fabulously happy! The sky is so blue, and the air looks so clear. I am so jealous, it looks like so much fun.

Doris W. in TN said...

Wonderful photos, Peggy. I cannot believe all the elk and moose! Do you feel like you are in an episode of Northern Exposure?