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Monday, October 8, 2012

Customers say the craziest things!

Over the summer, we have heard some crazy questions and comments.  Most of them give us a laugh       . . . some drive us nuts!!!  Thought I would share here:

1.  What time do they turn Old Faithful off?  Amazingly, this is asked pretty frequently.

2.  How do you tell  male and female buffalo apart?  (A middle aged woman asked me this - her husband looked at her and said "males have dangles")

3.  We sell lots of mugs and other breakables that we always wrap.  Lots of people comment "could you wrap that, we are traveling" or "we're tourists, could you wrap that".   Makes us nuts!  Just once before the season is over, we'd like to say "everyone is a tourist!!".

4.  One day I got a big lecture from a woman on the 1988 fire.  If we had just cleared the underbrush it wouldn't have happened.  I wonder which of the 2,000,000 plus acres she wanted to clear?  In reality, this is a national park and the philosophy is to let nature do its own thing.  Fires are natural and are a good thing for forest growth and health.  There were several fires in the park this summer.

5.  Big signs point to the restrooms, grill, grocery, etc. but most people walk in the front door and ask "do you have a restroom".  One man even asked me "do you have a restroom - a men's restroom"?  There are days we just want to point to the sign and say "duh".

6.  What time do they let the animals out?

7.   In August when the bison were in rut, there was a herd walking down the road in front of the store. This is called a "bison jam" because it stops traffic in all directions.  When they got right in front of the store windows, two decided to mate.  One of the female customers asked a manager if he was going to "put a stop to that".    Nope!!!

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