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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hiking Adventures

Matt (from South Wales)
My last few weeks in Yellowstone were filled with a few more hikes, final visits to my favorite places, fun times with friends, and packing!!  Oh yeah, there was some work in there, too:)

The Canyon area is my favorite place in Yellowstone NP.  Even though I didn't hike as much as I thought I would this summer, I couldn't leave without hiking along the canyon rim and hiking  down Uncle Tom's Trail to the bottom of the falls.

The Canyon - it was smoky.
Standing way too close to the edge for
A co-worker and I hiked along the Canyon Rim for a couple of miles starting at Artists' Point.   Matt is from Wales and is 40 years younger than me.  I only had to remind him of that age difference 2-3 times:)  The views were spectacular and it wasn't a difficult trail - only a few "breathing" breaks.  Even after being in Yellowstone for four months, there are times I need oxygen!!!

Another day I hiked Uncle Tom's Trail to the bottom of the canyon - as they say 300 steps down and 3000 steps back up.  It wasn't as hard as I expected and I was rewarded with a close-up view of the waterfall.

Another canyon view.
Matt and I also hiked to Fairy Falls one day (near Old Faithful) and drove through the Tetons to see the fall foliage.  Another great day filled with amazing views.  Matt saw his first moose of the season in the Tetons.

Several final drives with other co-workers included sitings of a grizzly, elk, mule deer and many bison. One morning I was out early enough to see frost on the bison.  So amazing:)

Sunset on Lake Yellowstone.

Fairy Falls

Lewis Falls

Matt's first moose.

Golden Aspen in The Tetons
Note:  I am in Houston now but still have a couple of blog posts of my summer adventures.  These posts are reminders for me:)  Fast internet and cell service are wonderful things:)  Making plans for my next adventure.

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