"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Monday, November 5, 2012

October in Houston

Checking out the bed for me.
I think he approves!

Its been a busy month in Houston!  I arrived in time to keep my date with my grandson.  Doug had to work and couldn't make the event but Caden and I had fun while Leigh Ann was at her church retreat.  The following week Leigh Ann and Caden went with me to Rice, TX to order a Casita travel trailer.  I am hitting the road!   It is a 17 feet long Spirit Deluxe so is teeny, tiny but my plan is to live in it full time.  Wanderlust has struck!!!!  It will be ready for pick up on November 6th.  In the meantime, there was lots to be done.  A new car capable of towing a trailer, Texas residency again, three trips to the drivers' license bureau before I got that done, etc., etc.
My new TV (tow vehicle) a GMC Acadia
I'll take one!!!

Caden and I on the swing of the
house Leigh Ann and Doug
put a contract on.  He approves!
It hasn't all been work, though.  There have been lots of visits with family and friends.  Somehow, a lot of those involved food:)  I've seen friends from high school days, college days, former neighbors, sewing buddies, siblings, etc., etc.  Doug and I drove by the Foster Creek house where my children grew up and ate Chinese at one of our favorite restaurants.  I've watched Caden while Doug and Leigh Ann went house hunting.  They are in the process of purchasing a house down the street from their former rental in the Heights.

This was Caden's first Halloween.   He had the cutest giraffe costume but he refused to wear the hat even after Doug showed him how it was done.  Just like a guy!!  It was fun seeing him all dressed up, though.

Thanks to my friends and siblings for letting me stay with you!!!

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