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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home, Sweet, Home!!!

Jeanne (salesperson) and Victor (trainer) teaching
me all there is to know!!
My sister, Ardell, and I drove to Rice, TX to pick up my Casita on November 6th.  A friend had given me a towing/backing lesson the weekend before (thanks John!!) so I had at least towed once before I picked up my Casita.  Jeanne had all my paperwork done and Victor had it ready for delivery.  Ardell was the super note taker so, hopefully, we wouldn't forget anything!
I'm supposed to do what???

I'm not sure she's got this!
Victor took us all through the Casita and showed us how it all worked, hooked it up to my car and made sure all my lights, etc. were working, and then sent me on my way.  We headed to Navarro Lake with a stop for propane along the way.  I made it!  My first site was a drive through so I didn't have to think about backing up my first time out.

Al, Elaine & Clancy
Right across from us was another Casita -  Al, Elaine and their dog, Clancy.  They were so helpful and taught us a lot.  Al even checked my hitching and showed me how to do it properly.  Navarro Lake was really a pretty spot.  We stayed there 3 nights with trips into Corsicana for camping supplies.  Ardell slept in my "guest room" the first night and then moved into her tent.  I'm sure that means something:)

Hitching up - look at that backing job!
Ready to head out - Lake Somerville here we come!

One last chore!  Dumping was probably the easiest thing I learned.

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