"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, October 13, 2013

. . . and the rest of Summer 2013

After returning from Colorado, I spent the rest of the summer in Houston.  It was hot!!!

Doug and Leigh Anne went to New York City for three days and I babysat for Caden with a little help from my friends.  It was great fun.

Popsicles with Caden - this might have
been one of his first.

I moved my Casita to an RV park in Spring, TX near The Woodlands Mall.   Bill and Amy had asked me to help them with a project for a few months but that didn't work out for various reasons.  I kept busy piecing a baby quilt for Janet and Nick's baby, visiting friends and family, etc.

A friend suggested I might like to watch "Breaking Bad".  Drue and I watched the first three episodes together and were hooked.   After watching the first five seasons in three weeks, I was caught up with the final season - Drue did it in two.   Amazing show and I became totally consumed and addicted!!! (as did Drue)  Totally consumed!!!  You can't imagine:)  My family and friends got sick of me talking about it.

My other project while in Houston was to have my name changed.   My parents named me Margaret Lamond Chance but always called me Peggy.   I filed papers in Polk County (I am a resident of Livingston) to change my name to Peggy Lamond Chance in May.  After a few snafus with my fingerprints, it finally happened.  So, I am officially Peggy Chance.   I can fit my signature on one line once again!!!  (and for those who are wondering - I checked with my children before I did this and they are all fine with it).  The hardest part is changing my name on all my bank accounts, etc., etc. That is going to take awhile.

It's Official - Peggy Lamond Chance

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becki-c said...

Margaret? I didn't know it was Margaret.
Hmmm, you are such a Peggy that I can't imagine it.