"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graduation Day!!!

                                             Douglas Chance Lionberger, J.D.

Today was truly a special day.  Doug graduated from the University of California, Boalt School of Law, at Berkeley. He has wanted to be a lawyer since he was about four years old so this was the fulfillment of a dream for him.  After all the graduation festivities, he starts studying to take the New York Bar Exam which will be given in NYC the end of July.  He and Leigh Anne have a celebratory trip planned for the month of August before Doug starts working for the law firm of Vinson & Elkins in New York City in October.

Congratulations, Doug!!!  I am so proud of you!!!!  (those were happy tears!)

After the extremely fun commencement program (who would have thought???), we had a family picnic at the Berkeley Marina hosted by Doug, Leigh Anne and Mark & Peggy Brown, and later in the evening a dinner celebration at "The Rivoli".  It was a great, great  day!!!

                                                   Doug & Leigh Anne


Sarah, Nick, Janet, Ardell

Richard, Peggy, Doug, Leigh Anne
(proud parents!!!)

Mark, Doug, Leigh Anne & Peggy 
(Leigh Anne's Parents)


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for sharing Doug's graduation with all of us. I am been so impressed with D and L while you've been visiting the west coast. They seem to be the "best kids" around. Continue the celebration of this passage with great joy! It is truly a great accomplishment.

Karen from Tn

becki-c said...

I have been wondering how the day went! It looks so fabulous, you must be so proud! I am so happy for you.

tbailey6 said...

You have SUCH a special family, Peggy, I can just TELL. I feel like I practically know Doug and Leigh Anne through your blog. :o) What a wonderful milestone! CONGRATULATIONS TO DOUG, and to ALL of you!

Robyn said...

Yay! you are right to be a proud mama! Congrats all around.

Anonymous said...

Peggy! What a very special moment to share with all of us! You look so wonderful! Congrats to Doug and the rest of you! Much love ~ Christa

Janie said...

What an extra-special post, Peggy. Congratulations to Doug and to you, his rightfully proud mother! I've enjoyed getting to know Doug and Leigh Anne through your posts and will miss them when you move along to the next leg of your adventure and they move along to theirs. Congratulations to all on this special day.

PeggyK in NC said...

What a terrific post. The first picture of Doug says it all! Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment!

LA and Doug said...
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LA and Doug said...

Hello all, Thanks for your love and happyness for us!
Doug and I have been married coming up on 3 years now, and this was the biggest day for us so far! I'm glad Peggy could share it with all of you! Maybe when Peggy get's settled in her next permanent home (Nashville..) we'll throw her a 'end of travels' party and all who enjoyed her blog can come together & meet :).
Happy Blog following :) and Cheers to Peggy's many more heart warming adventures ~Leigh Anne