"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yosemite National Park

Saturday afternoon Doug finished his last final!!!!   He and I started getting ready for the much anticipated camping trip to Yosemite National Park.  We grocery shopped and bought all the food and did as much chopping, etc. as we could before time.  Loaded up my car to the hilt - just enough room for the three of us to squeeze in.  Doug checked the weather report and we left early Sunday morning - to supposedly 60 degrees and sunny!!!  Can we just say the weather report was WRONG!!!!    As in WAY WRONG!!!  When we got to Yosemite it was raining and in the 40s.  We walked around and had coffee, etc at the Ahwahnee before we headed to our campsite to put our tents up in the rain.    During the process, my car was invaded by a squirrel after a food wrapper.  I was not pleased but we did get it out:)  There are lots of bears in Yosemite so all food stuffs and anything with a scent went into the bear box.   Plans for cooking dinner were shelved and we went and got a pizza instead - it was great!  We then drove up to see "Tunnel View" which was absolutely gorgeous.  My pictures don't do Yosemite justice:)  We saw a group of photographers up there with some "heavy duty" camera equipment.  I stood by them with my little green point and shoot:):)  I'm sure they were impressed!

Monday morning the weather looked a little more promising.  Doug went for a run and then cooked us a great breakfast before we set out on a hike.  After a hike up to some falls (with breathing stops along the way for me) and a picnic, we stopped by the Ahwahnee for a cup of coffee and to sit by the fire before we spent the afternoon hiking.  First thing we saw was a sign about the "Major Winter Storm Warning in Effect".  Whoops!!!  The weather prediction for a winter storm warning with snow and temperatures in the high 20s put the fear in Leigh Anne and I.  Doug would have been happy to stay but we really didn't have the clothes, etc. for those kind of temperatures so we packed up and headed for the beach:)  Even though our camping trip was cut short, I am so glad to have experienced seeing part of Yosemite.  Truly beautiful!!!  I'll post more pictures on my Flickr site in a few days - too many to post here.

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becki-c said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Those pictures are stunning.
Is the family gathering for graduation day?