"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, May 13, 2010


When the weather betrayed us in Yosemite, we headed for Monterrey.  We were lucky and got a room with a beach view for a great price -

not too hard to do late Monday evening.  Best of all the sun was shining:)  Doug and Leigh Anne took a morning jog on the beach and then we headed to the Monterrey Aquarium.  It was amazing!  Honestly, I did not know there were so many creatures in the deep blue sea.  We spent several hours there and saw all of the exhibits. We watched them feed the otters in one tank and a little later in the day saw the tuna fed in a huge tank.  There was also several informative shows during the day - we saw one on "jellies" (jellyfish) and another on how they did scientific experiments.  Another exhibit I really enjoyed was the one on seahorses.  They also had real pink flamingos!!!  We had a snack and sat and watched the waves and the ocean - wonderful:)

After we left the Aquarium we walked around Monterrey for a short time and headed to Carmel.  Carmel is a unique little town and a fun place to walk around.  Lots of pricey boutiques.  The one I was headed for was Timeless Clothing by Loes Hinse.  Besides this boutique she sells patterns and fabric remnants from her workshop.   I know, I know but I only bought two pieces of fabric!!!!  I was really glad I got to see the shop as she is closing it at the end of the month.  Unfortunately, I did not get to meet her as Tuesday is her day off.

We made it home in a couple of hours and got to face the unpacking of a carload of wet camping equipment:)


tbailey6 said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got to buy the all-important FABRIC, even if it was ONLY two pieces. :o)

Anonymous said...

Is Loes closing her shop forever, or just for vacation, or?

Janie said...

Wow.... I can't keep up with you! You're doing some amazing things. I thought I had Google Reader all set up (finally) to get notices when you publish new posts, as well as the posts of other blogs I follow, and it's still not working properly. Ugh. Anyway, I'll keep checking in so I can follow along on your adventures. I'm so glad you saw Yosemite, another beloved place from my life in California, and I loved hearing a bit about Loes Hinse's boutique, which I never got to visit. You're building up a high quality fabric stash!

Robyn said...

Lovely blue ocean, but we need fabric pics! Did you pick up any other scuttlebut on Loes? Is she planning to concentrate on new patterns, maybe?
P.S. Otters are faves!