"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ladies' Day in Sacramento

Leigh Anne and I drove to Sacramento Friday to spend the day with Margaret and Penina (from Kenya).  We had been planning this but it was hard to find a day we were all available.  First up, were manicures for all!!!  Margaret and Penina had never had one before and had great fun picking out their nail polish colors.  They each even had a cool design put on a couple of nails.  We caught them sneaking peaks at their great looking nails throughout the day:)

Next we headed over to Old Town Sac to be tourists for a few hours.  Old Town Sac is in downtown Sacramento right on the river.  There are tons of stores to wander through, museums, etc. in this old part of Sacramento.   There were an abundance of candy stores!   We then walked through a tunnel under the freeway into the mall area in search of a Rite Aid to get one of the cameras checked out.  Along the way we stopped at a Tex-Mex place to introduce Margaret and Penina to the goodness of fajitas!!!  The food was great and the first Mexican food I've had since leaving Texas!

Once we were back at their house and settled in with a delicious cup of Kenyan tea, they shared more of what life was like for them in Kenya.  Leigh Anne and I found it so interesting.  I am truly in awe of my daughter-in-law!!!  She has done so much research in helping these women find educational programs they can attend while they are here.  She also worked on the computer they have been given and talked to AT&T several times to arrange internet service.  A tech will be at their house TODAY!!!!   Have you ever had that much success talking to AT&T??  Truly amazing.

We waited for Mercy and Anthony to get home from school - very late and the mothers were getting worried about them before driving back to Berkeley.

Fun, fun day!!!


LA and Doug said...

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this day! Peggy your heart is gold for having this idea!! I look at Margaret's smile in the nail picture and it makes me so happy, because I saw how much it really meant to them! I hope they are using their dishwasher and not handwashing this week :)
Cheers to all these memories, Leigh Anne

Katie said...

Just found you from Rhonda's Blog (RHOTO) and wanted to say hello! Have a great week!