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Friday, June 18, 2010

Alaska State Capitol and Juneau/Douglas City Museum

After meeting Sarah for breakfast Wednesday morning, I headed to the Alaska State Capitol for a tour and then over to the Juneau/Douglas City Museum.  The Capitol gives tours every 20 minutes or so and then lets you wander around on your own.

  After seeing the chambers for the senators and representatives, I looked at some of the exhibits and photographs on the wall.   Alaska celebrated its 50th year of statehood last year and there were a few exhibits in celebration.

The Juneau City Museum was interesting as well.  There is a 30 minute film about the history of Juneau/Douglas and its role in the mining industry.    There are more miles of mining tunnels in Mount Roberts than there are roads in Juneau.  I thought that was pretty amazing!!!  Lots of exhibits on the native peoples and the history of Juneau/Douglas.  Douglas is the small town across the channel from Juneau (it is where I am staying) and at one time was much larger than Juneau.

My daily walk today was around Juneau and through Evergreen Cemetery.  Joe Juneau and Richard Harris, early settlers  of Juneau/Douglas are buried next to each other with a path between.  The picture above is Joe Juneau's site.  There were lots of  headstones dating back to the late 1800s.  I thought this one was especially interesting.  If you can't read it, it says:

Frank G. Moore
Red Man
38 Great Suns
Summoned By The
Great Spirit
Dec 23, 1904


Peg said...

Very interesting! Is that some sort of wreath on Joe Juneau's site? It almost looks like bird's nest. The inscription on Mr. Moore's stone is really nice.

Diana said...

I found it!