"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Question and Answer Day!!!

There have been several questions in the "comments" section.  I'll answer them here in case anyone else has wondered the same things.

1.  Are there any quilt and yarn shops?  Two quilt shops and a yarn shop that I have found as well as a Joanne's.  The yarn shop sells beautiful yarns but doesn't have classes in the summer.  The Joanne's is much better/nicer than the one I go to in Houston.  None of these are owned by the cruise lines.

2.  Do you have trouble adjusting to all the daylight?  No, but it is light (twilight) when I go to bed and when I get up!!!  I do check the time when I wake up - several times it has been 4 a.m.  We are on "Alaska Time" which is 3 hours behind Houston.

3.  Have you met your roommate?  Yes, she came in the day after I got here and is now gone to Colorado for two weeks.  She is very nice and we get along great.  As before in California, we are not here at the same time (during waking hours) too often.

4.  Can you buy the native garments?   I asked Sarah about this because I didn't see any for sale.  Sarah doesn't think so - she thinks they are for the native people only.  There are several stores in town that do sell native crafts, etc.

5.  How long are you staying?  I have a ferry booked for September 28th but can change my reservation for $10.                        
6.  Have you "met" any bears?  No.  When the family was here in 2008 we saw one out at the Mendenhall Glacier.  It was awesome!!

7.  Are you going on a plane ride?  No!!  I would not say I have "conquered" my fear of heights:)  Besides, it is way expensive.

8.  What kind of camera do you have?  Canon Power Shot 1200 IS (just a "point and shoot").  Sarah has a much better camera than I do.  I'll try to get her to take some pictures for me to post.

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becki-c said...

You still have time for bears ;-)
You really are taking awesome pictures, even from the ground level!