"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Celebration 2010

Every two years, native Alaskans meet in Juneau to share their culture and rejoice in their heritage.   I was able to see some of the native dancing, crafts and watch the parade on Saturday morning of this event called Celebration 2010.   The participants came from all over Alaska as well as from "down south".  Many had on elaborate costumes made entirely by hand and adorned with mother of pearl buttons.   Very impressive and family members from babies to elders participated.

Sarah and I met several times and she showed me around Juneau to help me get acclimated.  I joined a gym and have my first session with my new trainer on Tuesday.  A local quilt shop in the Mendenhall Valley is having a class on "Embellishments" that I am going to take a little later in the month.  As always, everywhere we go Sarah knows someone.  She also dropped me off at Cope Park one day on her way to work and I walked around there for a while.  It made me a little nervous being out there by myself so I am now the proud owner of a "bear bell"!!!  There are lots of short hikes around Juneau that I would like to do but with my horrible sense of direction I'll always let her know where I am going!!

                                                         Trail in Cope Park

Internet service has been incredibly slow.  It has been hard to post!!!


Sarah said...

I forgot to tell you, some people call bear bells.... dinner bells! :)

Ardell said...

I am laughing :) Leave your blueberry necklace at home when you hike !

Peggy L said...

Dear Sarah,

I changed my will today.

Love, Mom

becki-c said...

That is too funny! I really like your sewing machine...
I so enjoy reading your adventures!
Did you ever meet your room mate?

nitacrow said...

Yes, please tell us about your roomate?
and Are you really going to stay will the end of SEPTEMBER....!