"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Wandering

Friday afternoon's walk was back at the Mendenhall Glacier (can you tell I love it there?)  The glacier had just calved and the ice was so blue where the break occurred.

 Friday night I met Sarah and her friends for the weekly "Concert in the Park" before we went to the Twisted Fish for dinner.  Each week in the summer they have free music in the park.  I think this week had a 60s theme as there was a folk singer and then a group doing some Motown music.  The Twisted Fish was good - it was time for some halibut.

Saturday I went for a long walk in an area I had not been before - way out past where the cruise ships dock.  There was a young woman there who had just seen a mama bear and her two cubs!  I saw the bushes moving but didn't actually see the bears.  Saturday night Sarah and Rosie saw a bear walking down the street when they were  looking out the apartment window - and they were in downtown Juneau!!   I also drove all the way to the end of the road in that direction so have now been to the "end of the road" in both directions.   Sarah and Rosie came over later in the day and we went to the north end of Douglas Island so Sarah could fish.  No luck but it was fun:)  We finished the evening at the Island Pub with a pizza.

Why Sarah won't move "down south"!!!
Sunday's walk was also a new trail for me.  It was only about a 100 yards off the road but I couldn't hear any traffic noise - just the tinkling of my bear bell!  I know it sounds like I am doing a lot of walking but this is normal for me.  I have been doing the 10,000 Steps a Day Program for a long time and even wear a pedometer!!!  It is much more fun to me to walk outside rather than use the treadmill.

Eagles - There are eagles everywhere here!!!  I had never seen one until the first time I came to Alaska.  Every morning when I am drinking my coffee I watch them flying over the Gastineau Channel.  Monday morning this one was sitting in the tree outside my window.  Not the greatest picture because it was taken through the glass and the sun was really bright but I wanted you to see.  I love watching them and think they are so majestic.


Donna said...

Such a beautiful place! And I am about to agree with Sarah - no reason to move South, for sure; it's waaaaay too hot!

becki-c said...

The scenery looks worth the chill.
The eagles are so majestic!