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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kayaking - I May Be Hooked

Monkey Island - that's a monkey on the
USS Primate
Dave and Peg on their
inflatable kayak.
Peggy and Dave have an inflatable kayak called a SeaEagle.  Perfect for RVers because it rolls up into a small package and is easy to transport.  This was my first time to go kayaking and I loved it.    We have been twice in the last week.  (lots of places to rent kayaks in the area)  Our first trip was on the Homosassas River back to the state park in hopes of seeing manatees.  No luck!  The weather here has been too warm for them.

Dave & Peg passing through the poles - tight fit for them.

Dave sent me a video a few days after I left Rock Crusher - they had been kayaking at Three Sisters again and saw lots of manatees.  I was so jealous:)
Yours Truly (pic taken by Dave White)

Our second trip was to Three Sisters Spring.  We started bright and early and were one of the first ones on the river.  Very peaceful.  This was another beautiful area known for manatees.  Unfortunately, there were none there the day we went.  We did see a lot of beautiful birds.  Peg and Dave just made it through the posts with their kayak. (I assume these are here to keep larger boats out).   They visited and were photographed by a former National Geographic photographer who was there taking photos for an e-book.

Another pic taken by Dave.

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