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Friday, June 7, 2013

Life in La Casita - Update

An update on life in la Casita:

Hooked up and ready to leave Tennessee -this is
in Cathy and Ted's backyard.
The pros:  I love my little Casita!!!  Hooking up, dumping tanks, and that sort of stuff has become second nature.  It seems sometimes I can back my car up (I have a rear-view camera) to hook up the first time - and sometimes it takes me ten (or more).  But, I take a break and get hooked up.  Towing the Casita doesn't make me nervous anymore but when I need gas (way too often) I make sure I can get in and out with no problems before I pull over.  Backing up is still not my favorite thing but I am learning.  I've gotten great tips from so many people - everyone seems to think I need extended mirrors so I'll start looking for some of those.

The cons:  The Casita is approximately 100 sq. ft.  I have had bathrooms bigger than this so it does take a lot of organization.  I am still learning what I need and what I can do without so there's been a lot of stuff coming and going.  As far as traveling, I much prefer to know where I'll be stopping for the night. Since I'm used to driving until I get tired and then finding a hotel, this takes a little more advance planning.   Trying to find a place after dark, etc. is not anything I want to do.   However, a hotel is still my "emergency plan".  No staying at Walmart's or Flying Js for me.   There are a couple apps on my iPad that I use to find places.  So far, state parks are my first choice.  Also, I like meeting up with a buddy along the way rather than wandering around alone.  So - if anyone wants to meet up with me anywhere for a few days  I would love it!!!
I really am that tiny!!!  Those Blue Bell trucks followed
me in.  Back in Texas!!!!

Parked next to Doug and
Leigh Anne's - nice and
Finances:  Several people have asked - no, living in the Casita is really not that much less than an apartment.  When you are towing, your MPG go way down so gas is a major expense.  Places I have stayed have ranged from free to $515 for two weeks at Rock Crusher Canyon in Florida.  The most expensive was a KOA in Baton Rouge,  LA on my way back to Houston - $50!!  But, it was right off the interstate and had pull through sites.  Now I know why my RV'ing friends don't usually stop there.   Most places seem to be in the $25 range.

I am back in Houston parked behind Doug and Leigh Anne's until after the Chance Family Reunion the last week in June.  Sarah is here this week working the Houston Beer Fest for Alaska Brewing Company.  Janet is flying in for the weekend.  Not too often I get all my kids in one spot!!!  I'm a happy camper:)

(I still have a couple of posts to do on my time in VA - but was reminded by a friend I needed to update.  Hope to catch up on my posts soon).


Mary Beth said...

Ah, La Casita does take a lot of planning. I can see why shopping is not on the agenda! Have fun at the Chance reunion and enjoy your children.

becki-c said...

Interesting. I have often wondered about your travels. Its interesting to see that you are planning ahead now.
There was never any doubt in my mind that you would work it out. It must be interesting to live in 100 sq feet, where do you do your laundry and how often?

It does look so fun just packing your stuff up and going wherever. I hope to see you more while you are still in town.

Anonymous said...

What's your tow vehicle?