"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Monday, June 17, 2013

Winding up my time in Virginia

Signs that mark the bike way.
Before I left Virginia, there were a couple more places I had read about and wanted to visit.  Bike riding and hiking are two of my hobbies.   Crazy Guy On a Bike is a site that hosts journals of people making extended bike trips.  The Trans-Atlantic route goes through Afton, Virginia and was the home of the famous "Cookie Lady",  June Curry.  This route started in 1976 during the Bicentennial and goes across the U.S.  June Curry made cookies and provided a place for the cyclists to rest and shower along the way.  Lots of wonderful stories on Crazy Guy about June Curry.  She died several years ago at the age of 91 but I drove over to see the area where she had lived and the trail markings.

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Next, I drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway to one of the places it intersects the Appalachian Trail  The trail is 2181 miles long and goes from Georgia to Maine.  It has fascinated me for years and I have read many journals and books about adventures along the trail.   I hiked on it for a couple of miles.   Great fun!!!  Backpacking used to be on my "bucket list" but reality has struck.  After injuring my lower back a few years ago, it is off the list.  Somehow, when I thought of backpacking the weather was always nice and my pack was light!!

The white marking on the tree marks the trail.

This makes me want to hike!!!

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becki-c said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous there. I can see why you like it there. It looks so desolate out on those trails, you really would need a heavy pack. Biking would be better, as long as its safe.