"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating the Holidays

Costumes of the era!
This weekend was the annual Dickens of a Christmas celebration in Franklin.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate but I braved it for a little while.  When I got there, it was just sprinkling but soon started raining so I cut my time short.  There were lots of people in costumes of the era and even Scrooge was in attendance.

Some people enjoyed carriage rides around the square.  I walked around and looked at the booths; burned my tongue on the hottest hot chocolate ever; and then headed for home to get out of the rain.  I am glad I braved it Saturday because Sunday it snowed.

Sunday, Janet met me and we went to Opryland to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.  It was still snowing!  Janet needed to drive back to Huntsville after the show so we left at the intermission to give her time to get home safely.  The weather in Nashville is predicted to be below freezing until Wednesday or Thursday with more snow tomorrow.  Janet called to reassure me that she made it home safely:)  Worried mother syndrome:)

Snowing at my house (early afternoon - we got more!)

Snow at Opryland

Opryland - site of the Rockettes Spectacular


Sarah said...

you get below freezing till wed. i get below freezing till april... you can tough it out

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there, just so I could pet the horses. :o)


Anonymous said...

The tunic you made looks great on you. The snow is nice as long as it doesn't hang around too long. Sorry Sarah, snow til April?? I don't think I could handle that. I'm definitely a Texas girl.


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun. You are really exploring/enjoy your new home.


nitacrow said...

Peggy, my skin is so thin, i am shivering looking at your beautful pictures....

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel