"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Social Butterfly Sews - Or Tries To:)

I have had a couple of fun social activities this week.  Tuesday was the annual Christmas Party/Luncheon for the Cumberland Valley Quilters Guild that I joined the first week I moved to Franklin.  I wore a skirt that I made a couple years ago.  It is a FSG 1960 pencil skirt in a tweed with some metallic threads - apparently it was sparkling in the light.  Wednesday night I wore the shirt I made and blogged about last month to a Bunco Group - my first time ever.  Don't know what happened to beginner's luck!    It was nice to get compliments on both of my garments, though.

The reason I am telling you this is because I needed those pats on the back!!!  Honestly, I have been sewing since junior high but there are times I still manage to mess up royally.   This time not only did I sew my two piece sleeves together incorrectly but also serged them and zig-zagged elastic to shirr the sleeves before I figured out my mistake.  After watching mindless tv while I tried to pick out all the stitches, I decided to see if the sleeves would fit if I cut those seams off and started over.  Yeah for skinny arms:):)  Honestly, this knit tunic would have ended up a wadder if didn't already have pants to go with it (and new boots)  Onward and upward!!!  So the answer to that sewing question "when do you stop making stupid mistakes?" is NEVER in my case:)  I did finish the top and really like it - especially the sleeves:)  Funny, back in the 60's I wore dresses this length:)  It is hemmed fingertip length!!!
Sandra Betzina Tunic
Next project is to finish a pencil skirt for Leigh Anne.  It is that same FSG 1960 pattern!  She tried it on when I was in NYC last week so, hopefully, it will fit when she gets the finished skirt.

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becki-c said...

Well, it looks fabulous! I wish the things I screwed up looked half that good. So soory that it too you longer than it should have. I know that I will never have enough experience to get away with not paying attention.
It is so good to see you sewing again!

Ruthie said...

Very nice tunic! A good look on you.

Leigh Anne said...

This looks great on you! I'm looking forward to getting my skirt next week :)

Donna said...

You look great! I'm impressed - I never have been able to sew anything for myself. Glad to see you are jumping right into the social life there!

Roz said...

That is very pretty!!

Robyn said...

Glad that you could save it! You are going to give that Kindle a workout.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what? I've done EXACTLY the same thing, sewing the sleeves on wrong, and it was on a JACKET ... AND, I just left them that way! :o)) Your top turned out PEREFCTLY (after that little faux pas, I mean), just so long as you don't go any shorter than the FINGERTIP RULE!