"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Skirt & a Pocket

Yeah!  My daughter-in law, Leigh Anne has a finished skirt:)  Leigh Anne and I both will be in Houston this weekend and need to be at IAH about the same time on Monday.   I hope to make a "special delivery".  This is Nancy Erickson's 1964 skirt pattern that I have sewn many times.  It is a keeper!!  I made this from a remnant I bought at High Fashion Fabrics several years ago.  It is lined with a faced waistline and is a "test" skirt to see how it fits and if Leigh Anne likes the pattern.  She wanted it short so she can wear it with tights and boots.

The Pocket:):)  While I was in NYC, Leigh Anne and I were stuffing our pockets so we wouldn't have to carry purses.  Doug showed us the nifty pocket he has in his overcoat which gave me an idea - dangerous, I know.  I sewed a pocket into my new coat so that I could put my case with my passport, credit cards, etc. in it and avoid carrying a purse while I am sight seeing.  I'll report on how well it works later.  For my friends making coats, definitely consider this!!!  Doug's coat has a really nice welt pocket that is really deep.   His mother's coat has a handstitched patch pocket because (1) I'm lazy and (2) I waited until today to do this!!  I made the pocket big/deep enough to hold my passport case and hand stitched it to the lining of my coat.  It would have been better to machine stitch but I didn't have time to undo the lining, etc, etc.  Procrastination:):)  My purse will be filled with the heavy stuff  that can be left behind most of the time.

Thanks to all who left comments about Chessie.  I really appreciate your kindness.


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip And make good use of your cool pocket! Merry Christmas!

nitacrow said...

Peggy, i tell you, you are incredible......and so talented. I love the skirt....and the pocket you sewed in your coat....GREAT idea. All men have the pockets too!

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea, the pocket in your coat (why didn't I think of that)? And the skirt is SO CUTE -- and tiny -- ha! :o)