"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve, Dublin

Dublin's tourist attractions shut down for the Christmas weekend which included Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day.  We thought things would close early on Christmas Eve but didn't really expect them to be closed all day long.   We all found plenty to do anyway.  In the morning we walked over to see Christ Church Cathedral.  Beautiful!

We then headed to the shopping district.  Diana and I bought some food at the local Marks & Spencers food hall in case we couldn't find an open restaurant over the weekend.  I used to shop at their London store years ago.

I love these kind of sculptures!

Bridge over River Liffey

Walking across the River Liffey
Becki and Jeff headed to a local wine bar and had a great time.  Diana and I headed out to explore the neighborhood and walk across the River Liffey.  The bridge is in the shape of a harp  and Diana took a pic of me in my now standard "bridge walker" pose.

We walked quite a ways along the river to the huge ferris wheel.  Why do I do these things?  I thought I could ride this thing but NO!  I was terrified the whole time:):)  It was perfectly safe but what was I thinking?  When I was about 8 or 9, my older sister and I got left on a ferris wheel for way too long.  My uncle had to go find the operator and get him to let us off.  My opinon of ferris wheels was forever changed.

Later in the evening, we went to mass at the church that was closest to our hotel.  There was a program of Christmas carols before the mass.  Lovely!

Back at the hotel, they served all their Christmas guests hot mulled wine and mince pies.  Very Irish!


nitacrow said...

Beautiful Cathedral.....great Christmas Eve experience....! Love the pictures and postings!

Leigh Anne said...

I love this post too!!! The wine bar, the proud 'I walked over the bridge pose', the ferris wheel story, and the gorgeous sound of Christmas mass!! A Christmas in Ireland, what a story to remember:)!