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Friday, January 14, 2011

Flight Home/Odds & Ends

The flight home was long, long, long!!!  We had to get up at 3:30 am to catch a flight to Amsterdam and then on to Houston.  All passengers in Amsterdam's airport went through the new screenings and pat down but that was the only time for me this whole trip.  Not a big deal.  The flight hit several turbulent spots and was really bumpy - not a good thing.  Poor Jeff got hit with the horrid virus I had on the way back and was miserable.  I think his comment was "worst flight ever".    Diana and Becki never got it - they are both teachers so maybe their immunity is higher!

Several people have asked about some of our travel arrangements so I'll try and answer here:

(at the time of our trip add about one third for American dollars)

1.  Jeff was our "travel agent" and booked this trip back in May.  Booking so early and for four people traveling together we got some great rates.

2.  We all took carry-ons and didn't check luggage with the exception of Ryan Air (required) and on the flight home.  You really can pack for 12 days in one small suitcase!!!

3.  Our hotel in Dublin (off season rates) was $70 euro a night and was centrally located so we walked most places.  The B&B in Cork was also centrally located and was $70 euro.  The B&B in Galway was a little further from town (had to take a cab) and was $50 euro.  (Diana and I shared a room and split the costs).

4.  We ate most of our meals in pubs.  The only really expensive meal was on Christmas Day.

5.  The Irish people are so friendly and helpful!!!  If you just looked like you needed help, they stopped and gave you directions, etc.

Dublin - famous for colorful doors.
6.  Bus tour we took in Galway was a great deal-  $20 euro for the whole day plus a tip for the driver.

7.  Seniors get discounts everywhere - so I finally admitted I was a "senior".

8.  The bus is the way to go in Ireland if you are not renting a car!!!  Really nice coaches and reasonably priced - and you can see the countryside.

9.  Taxis - we took taxis more than we thought we would.  Mainly because it was such a big time-saver and we had time constraints (we spent two days stuck in the airport in France).  Divided four ways made it affordable.

For Doug & LA - we have eaten at Ray's in NYC- this is the Dublin Location

Great trip!

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