"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Monday, January 10, 2011

St. Stephen's Day

Brrr - it was a cold, windy day!
Today was another Irish Holiday - St. Stephen's Day.  We had hoped to take local public transportation to the town of Howth but it wasn't running.  Howth wasn't  too far and with splitting the taxi fare four ways it wasn't too expensive so we were on our way.    Some people Jeff and Becki met at the wine bar had recommended this as a great place to spend a day, see the coast, and have lunch.  It was really a cold and windy day but we bundled up and walked to the end of the pier.  Jeff and Becki (surprise!) talked to a couple on the way who recommended a great restaurant/pub for lunch.

View from end of pier.
We walked gingerly to the historic district!  Ireland does not usually get the snow they had over the holidays so the roads were not cleared in Howth either.   Sometimes walking made me a little nervous - more that a car would slide and lose control than that I would fall.  I could have used those crampons I bought last January when I visited Sarah in Alaska:)

We ate most of our meals in pubs.

Jeff, Becki, me and Diana - one of our best meals!

Grilled Plaice (a fish similar to flounder)

Creme Brule
This was the best meal the four of us had together.  Delicious!!!  After our day in Howth, we headed back to a hotel near the Dublin airport.  We had an early flight to catch the next morning.

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