"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I hate it when my friends/siblings are right!!!!

My older sister has taken great pleasure in warning the rest of us (I have 5 siblings) how we are going to "fall apart" as we get older and need to be patched up.   Yep!!!  It happened last week:)  I went to the dentist and need not one but two crowns ($$$$$$$$).  This event caused some funny emails among the siblings.  One brother even referred to his dental work as "the bridge over the River Kwai".  I hate it when she is right.

Ardell - the OLDEST of the Chance siblings:)
Stopping to "smell the roses"

Last night I exchanged emails with a long time friend and she asked "What are your plans next?".  She also mentioned that "job" word:)  Huh???  Honestly, when I first divorced the plan was to take a year off for an adventure, move closer to one of my children, and then find a job.

Adventure - Check!
Move - Check!
Job - Huh???

So, her comments made me think.  And think some more.   This morning I updated the address on the resume and sent it off to a part-time job posting on Craigslist!!!  What am I thinking???   Honestly, I would really like a temporary or part-time job with flexibility but have been nervous about applying.  Guess it is time to "plunge in".  Thanks PK, I think:)


Peg said...

I was always told that after a certain age, it's just patch, patch, patch... Turns out that's painfully true.

A job would be another good way to meet new friends but will really cut into your flexibility. Good luck!

Rhoto said...

Hi Peggy!! I got two (2) crowns recently. Now I'm a "Princess"!!! Just ASK me ;)

PeggyK in NC said...

Bravo on taking that first step! And one more positive adventure to add to your list. Sending good luck wishes your way!

Donna said...

Peggy, do you remember when we were neighbors in Texas that we went to a dentist who always seemed to be telling us that we need crowns? Was that in Texas or somewhere else I lived? I think I finally switched to a new dentist. . .

Peggy L said...

Donna - yes!! I do remember that and we all finally caught on. This time I knew I was going to have to have one crown because I broke a tooth. The other was a surprise and I have delayed it for a couple of months. These things are not cheap - as Rhonda said we'll all be able to add "Princess" in front of our name.

Walter said...

I rented a movie last night...The new Wall Street with Michael Douglas....they actually had our tag line in it...'Getting older isn't for sisses'...I lmao....as this seems to be our mantra....lol

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that a sibling has to be right, but to have the OLDEST sibling right is PURE TORTURE, almost as bad as getting TWO CROWNS! :o)

Good luck with your job search, although I have a feeling you won't need it. :o)


Ardell said...

As the OLDEST sibling I cannot let that last comment pass me by..Peggy is surely used to the feeling by now :) As I told her, I am still one fake front tooth ahead of her. The good part is I am still keeping a few secrets from ALL the rest of them...some things are just TMI :)

nitacrow said...

Peggy - doesn't everyone have crowns!!!!!! I have been a princess a long time!~!!! I too need a new one....i am putting it off as well...Hopefully i haven't put it off TOO long....and they can still put one in.....i surely don't want a hole!!!!! lol