"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Fun time tonight!!!  We went to The Cheeseboard for pizza.  Really a fun place that has been a Berkeley institution for years.  It is a coop owned by the workers.  Each day they make one kind of pizza, one kind of salad, and one type of cookie and sell the pizza by the slice, half a pie or the whole pie.  Today's pizza was asparagus, mushroom and cheese!!!  How do you think up such a combination?  But, it was delicious. We ordered salads and half a pizza and a couple of soft drinks for the grand sum of $27!!!  We tossed $3 into the pot for the jazz musicians that were playing.

There was a long line outside but it moved really quickly because your choices are so limited.  We got lucky and got a table right by the jazz band.  It was amazing the number of pizzas they had made up waiting to have their turn in the oven.  The two women who sat down across from us were from Houston.  Small world!  One was a nurse and they had moved to Berkeley three years ago.  We enjoyed visiting with them.  Next month they are headed for Garner State Park.

                                              The seating area is pretty small so people who don't get a seat inside go sit on the median and eat and listen to the music.  The line was still down the block when we left.

Fun place!!


Donna said...

I am enjoying this tour of Berkley via your blog! Glad you are having some good times!

ardellsiegel said...

Your sister in Houston with no life is anxiously awaiting "Saturday night fun!" :)

Peggy said...

HOW FUN!!! We miss you, but so glad to see you having such great adventures!