"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter. Doug and Leigh Anne picked me up bright and early this morning (8:00 a.m.) for church. Afterwards, they had a couple of other friends and I over for a delicious brunch. My son is a great cook:) and Leigh Anne had everything looking pretty and was the main sous chef. She and I even recovered their dining room chairs last night. This afternoon we went to see "The Last Song" with their friend, Cheryl (about my age).

My knitting class Thursday night was a lot of fun and I am having lunch with one of my fellow classmates tomorrow. Surprising to me were the two men in the class. We all were knitting away at the end of two hours. Doug, Leigh Anne and I are going to the Napa Valley on Tuesday. Doug has some wine to pick up and I am tagging along. Actually, I think he has plans for my new car to go, too:) Wednesday I am having lunch with my cousin, Sharon. She lives about an hour away in San Jose and is going to come pick me up. We should have a great time catching up since we haven't seen each other in ten years.

Lots to look forward to this week.


becki-c said...

It is such a neat new car, you have no excuse to show it off! Is it going to be clear in the valley when you go? I know that would make it a nicer trip, but those precious grapes need the rain.

Donna said...

Are you knitting something in particular, like a scarf, or do they have you starting off with just practice pieces?

Peggy L said...

Donna, we are just doing practice pieces! There are just two lessons and then we go to whichever "sit and knit" fits our schedule to start on a project. Any suggestions???

Donna said...

I would suggest either a scarf or that sampler afghan we talked about in some really pretty color that makes you just love to work on it!